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Monday October 18th 2010

Interview: Karl Urban

Interview: Karl Urban

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SM: Interesting. Lets talk a little bit about your stunt training. Was the stunt training difficult?

KU: Yes, it was. We had about three weeks and Bruce and I discussed the tone of the fight extensively. We felt like this is such a funny film, I mean itís a hilariously funny film, and that fight represents the reality at stake. Itís a life or death fight. We wanted to put something up there that was real and the audience would feel Ė not something, necessarily, that was a flurry of martial arts moves that would wow an audience, but something that they would grimace at and Iím proud of it. I think itís a stand up fight. I think itís as good as some of the best fights that have been on screen.

SM: What is it like to fight Bruce Willis? Is he tough?

KU: As tough as he looks? Yeah. He gave as good as he got, thatís for sure. You know what the cool thing was? We went for it. We absolutely went for it. We really gave each other a good crack of the whip and you get bumps and bruises along the way but if you donít, they say, youíre not doing it right.

SM: I understand you are a few weeks away from filming Dredd. What are some of the challenges going into a role like that and as a Dredd fan which villain are you most excited to see?

KU: Good question. Well, the challenges are multiple. First, thereís a tremendous physical commitment on my behalf to making ĎJudge Dredd.í If you have ever seen the comics, you know he is typically drawn like a beast of a man. Obviously it entails a lot of physical preparation. I guess this film is really a setup film. Itís about the day in the life of Dredd as he puts his rookie, Anderson, through the paces to see if she is worthy or not of becoming a Judge. Itís a high-octane, action-fueled film. Itís going to shoot in South Africa. Pete Travis is directing it, Alex Garland wrote the script and itísÖ Iím excited, I think itís going to be great.

SM: Weíre a menís general interest magazine, is something you would like men around the world to know? Any advice for them to live by?

KU: Any advice for men to live by? Hmmm. Wow. Yes. I think pretty well one of the most important philosophies to live by is ďdonít do today what you can put off doing until tomorrow.Ē

SM: Thatís an interesting one.

KU: Hah. Iím joking. The most important piece of advice is I think if there is a football match, or a basketball match or some sporting fixture youíve recorded, donít go online, donít read the papers, donít answer the phone until youíve watched it. Nothing worse than having the score blown before youíve seen the game.

SM: That about wraps it up. Any last words?

KU: Yes. Wombat. Thatís my last word. Wombat.




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 User Comments:

Oct 12, 2010 7:59 AM

Good to hear. looking forward to it.

Oct 12, 2010 7:59 AM

Good to hear. looking forward to it.

Oct 11, 2010 6:44 AM

Judge Dredd 2012. EPIC win!

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