The 47 Most Diabolical Video-Game Villains of All Time (Page 4 of 7)

  • by Hugh Sterbakov
  • March 05, 2008 00:00 AM PST

23. Dark Falz (Phantasy Star series)

A pure manifestation of hate (or "Profound Darkness"), this villain shows up as the big bad in all of the fantastic Phantasy Star games. And he had an entire solar system created to imprison him. Respect!

22. Darth Malak (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

A bad-ass Sith with no creeping morals, whiney kids or lightning-etched skin issues, Darth Malak is one of, if not the coolest expanded universe Star Wars character yet. After betraying and murdering his master (and losing his jaw in the gruesome battle), Malak attempts to use a special spiritual device to usurp the Galaxy. 'Cause we Sith all know Galaxies need usurpin'!

21. Yorgle, Grundle and Rhindle (Adventure)

Yorgle, Grundle and Rhindle (Adventure)

Yorgle, Grundle and Rhindle (Adventure)

In a game whose entire code consisted of less data than your desktop wallpaper, Adventure offered three dragons with distinct personalities. If you remember, the Yorgle, the yellow dragon, was afraid of the yellow key. Grundle, the green dragon, was the fierce guardian of objects, and Rhindle, the red dragon, was the fastest and most dangerous of the beasts. Now I'm going to stop playing and go outside to breakdance.

20. Goro (Mortal Kombat)

As if the fighters in the ultimate battle for the universe (or whatever) weren't fearsome enough, with the ice throwing and the bicycle kicking and the glamour photo-wielding (or whatever), here comes a dude with four arms! Ow!

19. Arthas (WarCraft III)

Arthas (WarCraft III)

Arthas (WarCraft III)

One of the most important characters in the long, storied history of WarCraft's land of Azeroth, Arthas' weak character allowed his soul to be corrupted by the machinations of the Lich King, Ner'zhul. Arthas murdered the King of Lordaeron and allowed the Undead scourge to topple the once-proud human city. Boooooo!

18. Ares (God of War)

A cunning and ruthless warrior who has manipulated the equally ruthless Kratos into unspeakable acts, Ares dominates the atmosphere of God of War as our bad-ass Kratos desperately claws his way toward their ultimate confrontation. Ain't no puppy love here!

17. Lance Vance (GTA: Vice City)

Lance Vance (GTA: Vice City)

Lance Vance (GTA: Vice City)

Memorably voiced by Phillip Michael Thomas, Lance Vance was on a bloodthirsty quest to avenge the death of his brother, Victor. The depth and personality Vice City established for this character made him indelibly sympathetic despite his psychopathic attitude. And he's got that Tubbs sparkle! (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

16. The Cyberdemon (Doom series)

The Cyberdemon (Doom series)

The Cyberdemon (Doom series)

So you've got a 10 foot tall minotaur straight out of hell and you're like, "Well, how do I make this guy really fearsome? Because clearly the 10 foot tall minotaurness of him just isn't enough...." Just add cybernetics and replace one arm with a rocket launcher. Viola!

15. Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog series)

Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog series)

Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog series)

Well you'd be pissed too if you had an IQ of 3000 and a freaking hedgehog kept outwitting you! (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

14. Diablo (Diablo series)

Diablo, the Lord of Terror, is the most devilish of the three Prime Evils guarding the gates to hell in Blizzard's oober-selling Diablo series. Diablo is so mind-bogglingly evil that he corrupts the soul of the hero of Diablo I in order to reincarnate in Diablo II. The unforgiving boss battles in the Diablo games are some of the most nervewracking in videogame history. And doggone it, there is a cow level!

13. Sinistar (Sinistar)

Sure, Sinistar may not have had the same pop-culture impact as a lot of the games on this list, but tell me you didn't get the chills when you heard a video game speak for the first time. Sinistar, the first arcade game with stereo sound, is Asteroids on tension-laced crack as you race to procure Sinibombs before the enemy workers assemble the Sinistar and it owns your sorry rump. "Beware, I live!" And beware we did.

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Hmm. Why wasn't Al Mualim from Assassin's Creed in the list? I mean, Al Mualim, acting as the master of the assassin's guild, has the "hero" Altair assassinate 9 men who are a threat to him and his grand scheme in taking over the known world, basically, and then turns the entire assassin's guild against Altair, trying to kill him. He basically will kill anyone that is a threat to him, even though he may of claimed he was doing it for "peace", he was truly out for his own gain. I can also agree with a lot of the places bad guys in this list got... Nemesis deserved a bit higher, as the thing just wouldn't die and it scared the living crap out of you when it jumped through walls, or windows, or doors at you. Seeing the Pac-Man ghosts on this list though, I thought that was a great addition as other "Greatest Bad Guys of All Time" lists I've read through don't have them. Also, Hogger, the "bad guy" from World of Warcraft wasn't exactly hard to kill, if you're kind of smart. If you're about it's level, it's simple enough to take out, if you know when to heal. And Sephiroth being at number 2, behind Donkey Kong, is a damn fine placing for him. Donkey Kong, despite he was a cowardly ape, was one of the first bosses in gaming history, and I'm sure all gamers at heart remember him well.


Arkanol dude u got some skills all of my comments together arent that long.


I just think it's wrong that half the list came from the Final Fantasy games. I, personally, hate those games. I just think the whole premise of them is stupid. Most of the story is pretty unoriginal, too. You can only take so many "kid who's parent(s) were killed and he grows up to save the world from tyranny and avenge all he lost"

But yeah, like Arkanol said, where's Al Mualim? Where's The Combine? The Covenant? Frank Fontaine? Saren? Imran Zachaev, even? But ALL Final Fantasy enemies is pointless.


DONKEY KONG???? you've gotta be fucking kidding me. where the hell is THE STROGG from the quake series???? pfft. donkey kong.

the strogg should easily be number 1. the most fearsome enemy race in all of video game history. and the makron. damn.

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