Think Surfing while sitting down and you’re pretty much there. Add a paddle and turns through body movement and there you have the dynamic sport of Waveski. The rider sits on top of the adapted surfboard, called a Waveski, and is secured with a seatbelt and footstraps, which enable Eskimo rolls. A relatively new sport, Waveski began in the 1970s after Canoeists and Surfers adapted their boards and kayaks for riding waves.

As with many of the ICF’s disciplines, development in the Waveski, from long clumsy crafts to the high performance skis that we see today has helped the sport move forward and Waveski is now an accepted alternative to surfing. High performance skis weigh about 6kg to 8kg and are custom made, using epoxy resin and EPS foam.

For more information see http://www.worldwaveski.com/.