What are the most popular pets around the world?

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People are owning more pets than ever before. Surveys show that across the globe people share their lives with furry, feathered and sometimes scaly companions.

#6 Reptiles & Amphibians

Though not the choice for everyone, some people love their lizards, turtles & snakes. In the USA 4.7 million households claim a cold blooded critter as part of the family. From the tiny gecko lizard to full grown alligators, reptiles are a growing part of the pet trade.

Though ownership of an exotic pet like a reptile often requires a special license, and they require their own special handling and care, reptiles are popular for a number of reasons.  Their lack of fur or dander makes them a better choice for owners with allergies and they do not require daily walks or for the most part large pens or areas to roam. They also eat less often than Fido or Fluffy.

#5 Birds

Cuddling love birds, homing pigeons, budgies and talkative Macaws all fall into this next category. Birds are one of the most popular pet choices in the world. In 2006 the Chinese had more than 71 million pet birds, making it the country with the most feathered friends. The United States was estimated to have over 18 million birds kept in more than 5 million homes.

Like their very distant reptile kin, birds can be relatively small and require little in the way of food and space, making them an enjoyable companion far less likely to traumatize your neighbors then a 6 foot boa constrictor.

#4 Small Animals

This is the catch all category for a host of fuzzy mammals, including ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and many other cuddly creatures. Over five million American families own a small animal and in the United Kingdom the number of households is over two million.

From buck toothed bunnies to anything small enough to fit in a hamster ball, there were nearly 16 million small animals kept as pets in the USA in 2008, and the numbers are growing. Their often inexpensive purchase price and small size make them great children’s pets, at least until they get away and start making a nest in the kitchen cupboard.

#3 Fresh Water Fish

Coming in as the third most popular pet are freshwater fish. Popular throughout the world, the largest population of goldfish, guppies and other aquarium dwellers is the United States, which had 170 million fish hanging out in over 13 million houses, doctor’s offices and other locations in 2006. In the UK, 24 million fish were kept as pets that year.

Though less affectionate than their furry or feathered counterparts, fish hobbyists are very attached to their aquatic companions, enjoying them for their calm beauty rather than their quality as company.

#2  Dogs

Although in the United States there were 45 million households with dogs in 2008, worldwide they are the #2 pet of choice. The most recent data for world dog ownership is for 2006, and shows there are 171 million dogs living as pets around the globe.

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 200 different breeds of dogs, ranging from Toy Poodles that nearly fit in your pocket to Saint Bernards that can weigh in at 175 lbs. Dogs are loyal, affectionate and have been mankind’s constant companion for millennia. They are companions, guardians, workers and helpers, though for many they are also a terrible source of allergies.

#1 Cats

The most popular pet around the world by population is the domestic cat. In 2006 there were staggering 202 million cats being kept as pets around the world, with 93 million cats living in 38 million American households in 2008.  

First domesticated around 7500 BCE, cats have gained in popularity because of their both their ability to adapt to high rise living for urban owners, and their pest controlling talents for those living in rural areas. They are affectionate companions who have spread throughout the world, following their owners as mankind scattered around the globe.

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Ann Falk, DVM
In the Unites States the most popular pets are dogs and cats.  Cats outnumber dogs in households.  The numbers are inaccurate as more dogs visit veterinary clinics than cats.  I do not know what the most popular pet is worldwide.

by Ann Falk, DVM 6 months ago

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What are the most popular pets around the world?

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