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Port your mortgage?

Pack the mortgage when you move

There are always a lot of things to remember when packing up...

Home for sale

Fall housing market to improve after summer slowdown: Re/Max

Canada's housing market should return to "more normal" conditions...

House paid in full

To mortgage or not to mortgage?

If in the enviable position of being able to buy a house for...

House for sale

Landmark deal to transform real estate

In a development that could drastically change the way Canadians...

Home ownership costs

Ownership costs for housing rise

The cost of owning a home in Canada rose for the fourth consecutive...

Housing prices rose for the 15th straight month in July, but by the smallest margin in four months, according to a national index released Wednesday.

Pace of housing price increases continues to slow

Housing prices rose for the 15th straight month in July, but...

House for sale

Whether buying or selling, be prepared

Buying or selling a home might be the biggest single financial...


A house in the hand is worth two in foreclosure

Doing well in the housing market can be all about timing. Ideally...


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