Mar 30 2006 B-Boy
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Made By: Freestyle Games
Release Date: September 01 2006
Submitted by captain
B-Boy™ uses a dynamically controlled fighting system to help you battle the best B-Boys on the planet. Over the course of an in-depth “B-Boy Life” mode, players build up a crew and battle against real-life superstar B-Boys including in-game host Crazy Legs, the legendary and original B-Boy, who worked closely with the development team to ensure the game’s authenticity.

Players must learn, develop and master more than 800 motion captured moves as they progress from street battles to the world championships, gaining style and respect as they battle their way around the world, visiting 21 realistic venues.

As their reputation increases they’ll encounter a host of licensed B-Boys who feature in the game and represent the pinnacle of the B-Boy scene, including Kamel, Ivan “The Urban Action Figure”, Crumbs, Hong10, Lillou and Mouse. 40 rival B-Boys appear in the game in total to challenge and battle the player.

Those looking for instant action can head for the arcade modes for battles against rival B-Boys or multiplayer face-offs using PSP's Wireless functionality. B-Boy also allows players to create their own B-Boy and upgrade and customise their breaker and, includes more than 40 licensed contemporary hip hop and classic funk tracks, mixed and scratched on the fly by in-game DJs.

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03/30/06 Archie411
Anyway that game sound and look good

03/30/06 yoyo_pete
Dance 360... Tag yo man! Tag yo man! - Head to Head! Head to Head!

Just like Need for Speed and Midnight Club capture the essense of street racing... I think this game will equally capture the essense of b-boys and the art of the dance battle.

It may seem kind of hokey, but it seems that way in real life too. This game could be amazing (especially from the sound of how it works the music) or it could be really lame.

It also hooks up to the PS2 version of the game. Dont know what that will do, unlock some stuff is all I would guess, but still kind of cool.

03/30/06 Sbb1B2811
is this a fighting or dance game?

03/30/06 Panther
Why does that SouthPark episode where the boys get "SERVED" keep coming to mind? lol
Bah... I realize it's popular in some places, but break dancing is just so... 80's.

edited: Mar 30 2006 

03/30/06 GTASouthPark
Panther said: "Why does that SouthPark episode where the boys get "SERVED" keep coming to mind? lol
Bah... I realize it's popular in some places, but break dancing is just so... 80's."

Yeah southpark is cool...but so is seeing people break dance.

Anyway, It reminds me of the freerunning game that is supposed to come out.

Yeah, I will wait for the reviews before i get it...but I might get it.

03/30/06 justin11
this is so sweet
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03/31/06 Traucer
I bu ying this game when i buy daxter or splinter cell and then im goint to buy my razr phone

03/31/06 TechRep
NOT getting it!

03/31/06 alfster
I'm not getting but the graphics looks sweet.

03/31/06 fuchikoma
I love music games, and watching breakdancing is cool, but I'm not even curious about this one...

03/31/06 Grover
This looks pretty sik. Might have to check it out I think - being a break dancer from the 80's
Btw. Why do ppl post "Not getting it". Whats the deal with that? If everyone that wasnt getting it did that, youd have a forum full of pointless posts.. oh.. look..

04/01/06 ShwamiNouski
not getting it
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04/01/06 ShwamiNouski
no but seriously
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04/03/06 want it! Hakari
Wooooooaaaahhhhh!..... This looks kickass... Getting this as soon as it comes out. B-boying on...

04/06/06 mattydd
I agree Hakari, this game looks amazing

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