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Why does it seem ironic that free-market ideas can't compete in the marketplace of ideas?

Because free marketers are the ones who believe in competition.

our story

We're named for the founder and patriot Samuel Adams. He would have been the CMO if the colonies had become incorporated. He knew that a compelling message, communicated effectively, could change the world.

Unlike Sam Adams and his pen (often recounted as his most powerful ammunition), we have countless channels today. There is a hyper-competitive marketplace for ideas. It's noisy. It's crowded. Visitors often feel overwhelmed. Think street market, and we're all vendors.

The good news is SAM, in the spirit of the original Sam-is here to help, especially individuals and organizations working to promote free-market principles and policies. And especially now, when freedom and the free market are in serious trouble.

Sam Adams didn't just start a revolution. He and his buddies planted the seeds for the greatest nation on earth. It's our job, then, as patriots - and communicators - to help those ideals flourish in the 21st century.