Leadership is a realm that is often claimed but largely unexplored. While I’ve led many expeditions and major projects - and made almost every mistake imaginable – I realise I’ve hardly penetrated leadership’s outer frontiers.

For many years I studied the lives of history's greatest explorers and the twentieth century’s boldest leaders, all of whom have much to teach us. And I have been privileged to mix with highly successful people, from global entrepreneurs, powerful business leaders, bankers, politicians and royalty to international sportsmen, polar explorers, mountaineers, educators and philanthropists: all of whom have influenced the course of history.

What I discovered is that leadership is neither born nor taught: it is circumstance calling forth a champion. Armed with this single truth the humblest person can change the world.

In 2011, I will return to the remote coast of East Greenland to research my new book, an exploration of the enduring nature of human survival and resilience. Currently underway is the story of two years of Arctic adventures aboard my exploration yacht Eleanor Rymill. See details at Books.

My current book, Seventh Journey, with its raw insights, should stir your passion for leadership in our changing times. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best in your adventures.