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Location: Washington, D.C.

Private, coeducational, liberal arts curriculum, doctoral institution
Methodist affiliated

Famous For: Political Activism
Since 2006, American University’s students have been recognized twice by Princeton Review as the most politically active in the nation.

Faculty (2009-10)
646 teaching and research faculty
95 percent of full-time faculty hold the highest degree in their field.

Student-Faculty Ratio: 13:1

Class Size
22.8 average class size
18.1 average class size for graduate courses

Enrollment (Fall 2009)
Undergraduate: 6,241
Graduate: 3,507
Law: 1,676
Nondegree, certificate, Washington Semester, AU Abroad: 1,101

College of Arts and Sciences
Kogod School of Business
School of Communication
School of International Service
School of Public Affairs
Washington College of Law

Academic Programs
Bachelor’s: 57
Master’s: 52
Doctoral: 9
Additional programs: JD as well as certificate and associate degree programs

Study Abroad
More than 100 AU Abroad programs

Student Population
139 countries and all 50 states are represented.
69 percent of physical and natural science majors are women.
1,698 students major in international studies—the largest U.S. undergraduate program.

Student Experience
81 percent of undergraduates participate in an internship.
59 percent of students have studied abroad.
94 percent of the undergraduate Class of 2009 are “proud to be an AU graduate.”

Student Goals and Values
71 percent of students report that “keeping up-to-date with political affairs” is important.
79 percent of students report that “improving their understanding of other countries and cultures” is important.

Student Spiritual Life Groups
23 faiths, including Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian (Catholic and Protestant), Hindu/Vedic, Jewish, Muslim, and Unitarian Universalist

Intercollegiate Athletics Teams: 16 (men’s and women’s)

Team Name: Eagles

Athletic Conference: Patriot League

February 2010

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