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Within the Quantum foam underlying ones material existence is said to exist mini-Wormholes whose materialisations happen but momentarily; they be far too small for ones physicality to enter; however, ones Consciousness can, which be far smaller than any particle. This of course sounds quite crazy to most people unless they have experienced Lucid Dreaming or Out Of Body Experiences. When one experiences a Lucid Dream ones Consciousness is smaller than a particle, whereupon those doors one to access, whose appearance to seem quite normal of everyday utilisation are Symbolic representations of a Wormhole; for when one enters a Dream door one often finds ones self instantaneously translated into another Dream domain whose reality can be far more real than what one experiences within ones so called waking world. Such doorways have a Symbolic correlate with the Vagina via whose orifice one is born into the world; ones Subconscious Mind weaves these Associations of Correspondance within the Symbolic interface of ones Dreams. These Dream doors can be represented in Art as Mandala's, which to have an association with the Feminine principle represented by the Vagina or otherwise called the Yoni, this in turn leads to Corresponding Associations with Female Spirits whom represent the Intelligence of the various Informational Fractal Dream domains one to access all as Womb Universes via the Yoni Wormholes.

The formulated Mandala's of Art can be utilised as a means to access particular Dream domains via Meditation to be empowered by associated Mantra's along with ritualistic acts; this being a pre-preparation to Dreaming; one can also utilise Sigils and constructed Seals to do likewise, which leads one to those Symbols one to find in the Medieval Grimoires listing Spirits. Some will of course say that there be no proof whatsoever that ones Consciousness can access a mini-Wormhole via the interface of the Dream, which will be Symbolically represented as an everyday doorway within ones Dreams let alone to prove that Spirits exist; this is of course true until one experiences it for ones own self; it be a case of, if one wants to know, find out of personal experience; if not, you will never know! One will find out for ones own self that one can indeed access other realities via Lucid Dreaming wherein one can engineer min-Wormholes to open as doorways and what is more one can Evoke Spirits for real to commune with when one becomes aware within a Dream.

Everything one to experience of senses exists within ones own head; all Matter is made of Energy and Energy is Information, which is in essence Consciousness, wherefore ones experiential reality of Space is an observed illusion among many another illusion of a possibility to make manifest of choice; ones Consciousness is indivisible from Time, which are one and the same of entity, whereby, when ones Consciousness accesses a door within a Lucid Dream one is experiencing the reality of a mini-Wormhole.

One will also experience concordant Synchronicities whose Symbolic feed-back loops will correlate with those Symbolic stimuli one has focused upon within to activate via a Lucid Dream. The Synchronicities experienced will be indicative of Quantum 'Slides' into Alternate Possibilities, which one has orchestrated from within ones Dreams; in other words, a Synchronicity is a doorway via which one can thence tune into an Alternate Possibility of a world to experience of choice internally made, which will be none too different from the reality one has left behind, apart from some slight changes; although, some of the Quantum Slides can take one into Alternate Possibilities where the changes are far more pronounced, so one has to be careful.




It is understandable that many find my work hard to swallow, whom consider it to be nothing more than wank Pornography, which is not helped by my convoluted Surreal writings covering innumerable Arcane investigations; but I did so on purpose, for many of my writings are not for those who want a quick fix of a few sentences whom don't bother digging deeper to be merely looking for something to wank off to! Pornography is primarily about titillation to only cover the Sex act its self, nothing more, while Erotica can be poised of Artistic pose towards communicating other issues. I utilise Pornographic material to thence orchestrate towards the Erotic via the medium of Surrealism to merge with Occult themes; the main emphasis of which is that of the Feminine principle hence the utilisation of the Goetia to transform otherwise of Classical Patriarchal perspective to thereby depict Succubae. Many find this somewhat distasteful to thence label as just being Pornography who are also no doubt greatly perturbed by the Occult themes as well as by other associated subjects, which assail their Minds; but this perspective has more to do with them not understanding what the Hell I am on about. Do I care that many cannot grasp what I am saying... Not really; the reason why I do not care is that I know of the reality behind it all; it is not a case of Belief, but that of Experience, hence my interest in the Occult and Shamanism to then fuse with Surrealism to make as Sorcery of practice, which is indivisible to Art.

Others to say that I should not meddle in what has already been established of a Tradition whose listed Spirits of Grimoires become extremely irksome when rattled to thence disturb ones Mind. I would say, there are those who have established their influence over others through a laid down Tradition inspiring Fear whom do not like the fact that they and their Occult Icons are being Questioned for their lucrative paradigm of Belief is very one sided whose foundation is that of a Centralist Religious dogma entwined with New-World-Order Politics and very much that of a continuing Brainwash for all to see if they should ever open their eyes.

As for the Spirits, which are described in many a tome as the Fallen Rebel Angels, their nature is Rebellious, whereby they will obviously Rebel against the Patriarchal structure of a Brass Bottle which has contained them within a paradigm of Belief that has been laid down over 2000yrs of systematic Brainwashing to make Sex the first of Sin, hence their Succubae forms Feminine to now assume to thereby initiate their Rebellion.

This isn't to say there be no Male in sight; for who will the Succubae to ride into Dreaming Lucidity when freed from their Brass Bottle to thence be Evoked amidst the Yoni Triangle of Art Imagination? By their Master of course, whom be encircled by a Magick Circle Ouroboros of womb enclosure Universe occupying a Multiverse!




The Goetia or otherwise known as the Lemegeton is one of the most popular Grimoires, which to have inspired H.P Lovecraft's Necronomicon and in turn many a Surrealist Artist enamoured with the Occult. As one probably knows, most of the medieval Grimoires primarily list all Male Spirits, both Demonic and Angelic; should there be any mention of Female Spirits they are few and far between to then be described as actually being Male in disguise. This all Patriarchal perspective permeates the Western Occult Tradition, which if one is a Homosexual Male Artist or a Heterosexual Female Artist it is right up ones Goth street to exploit to its fullest. What is more, should a Homosexual inclined Male Artist of a Mage team up with a Heterosexual orientated Female Artist of a Witch to thence take photographs of scantily clad males whose statuesque forms of hewn marble one can find in the Vatican to then associate with Hellraiser Cenobite Michaelangelo Demons and Da Vinci Code Angels whom thence to frequent the pages of an illustrated Aleister Crowley Goetia; I would say Crowley's OTO Spirit would rejoice. Such a tome would be snapped up by many a New-Age and Occult publisher to fight over having the rights to, hence it will be financially lucrative for the creators.

Many a Female Witch was burnt at the stake along with Homosexuals by Rome's Church whereby their Rebellion will be acknowledged as Art by the present acceptance and understanding of Society wherefore one has ones most lucrative market.

As for an all Female Goetia of Succubae, such a tome is considered to be but the Enrartete Kunst creation of a Horny Old Goat, whereby indicating something is somewhat amiss, which goes far beyond the arena of the Occult covering both Religion, Politics and that of an ingrained perception whose paradigm is stll being empowered by many.






Goetia (Middle Latin, Anglicized Goety, from Greek Goēteia "Sorcery" refers to a practice which includes the Invocation of Angels or the Evocation of Demons; the usage of the term in English is largely derived from the 17th century Grimoire known as The Lesser Key of Solomon, which features an Ars Goetia as its first section. It contains descriptions of the Evocation of Seventy-Two Demons, famously edited by the Occult Icon Aleister Crowley in 1904 as The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King.

Goetic Theurgy, another practice described in the Lesser Key of Solomon, is similar to the book's description of Goetia, but is used to invoke Aerial Spirits.

In Ancient Greek Goēteia means "Charm, Jugglery" to describe a Sorcerer or Wizard, more so that of a Shaman; the meaning of "Sorcerer" is attested in a Scholion, referring to the Dactyli, stating that according to Pherecydes and Hellanicus, those to the left of path are Goētes, while those to the right are seen to be deliverers from Sorcery. The word may be ultimately derived from the verb "Groan, Bewail or Howl," wherein the Shaman chants into Trance. Derived terms are "a Charm" and "to Bewitch, Beguile".

Goēteia was a term for Shamanism or otherwise Witchcraft in ancient Hellenistic Magick. Latinized Goetia via French Goétie was adopted into English as Goecie, Goety in the 16th century.

The Seventy-Two Demons of the Medieval Goetia have names of once ancient deities, which belonged to those Mesopotamian cultures, whom frequented the land that the Hebrew tribes emigrated into led by Abraham from out of Ur. The tribes that the Hebrew's encountered were systematically destroyed since the land into which they had emigrated was perceived to be promised to them by their God/YHVH, hence no other tribe could be allowed to live there. It is said that these Seventy-Two Demons later built Solomon's Temple, who were in essence his Slaves. In other words, the Temple was built by the Slave labour of those tribes, which were under the dominion of the Hebrew's.

However, in regards to Sorcery practice the Patriarchal Goetia of Grimoire lists Spirits, which are traditionally perceived to be all Male Demons along with Male Angels whom dance around a Male Devil and a Male God, I have totally reversed to perceive as Feminine of orientation to thereby transform Demon's into Succubae along with Angels to make Female. The Spirits have been aligned with Feminine Archetypes of Modern expression while their descriptions I have utilised as 'Character-Generators'. The overall structure has been left totally open ended in order to explore various Mythologies pertaining to other cultures both Ancient and Modern as well as the Arts, Sciences and varying Philosophies along with Modern Genres of Media expression etc.

One of the reasons for the 'Reversal' is that of a 'Rebellious' perspective in order to reveal the indoctrinated traits of focus in regards to the Traditional paradigm, which is informed by its Religious foundation entwined with Politics. The all Male orientation has an underlying Sexual theme, which negates the Feminine of Symbolic focus to nigh castigate out of the picture. It is as if the Symbolic structure had been designed by a Woman who is jealous of any female rivals or that of being orchestrated by a Patriarch whom prefers his own sex even though the Sexual act is perceived to be that of the First-Sin; for one has an unsaid Sadomasochistic emphasis of having a closet secret of Macho Demon's as Slaves writhing around a phallic Devil/Shaitan/Satan while to dally with Machismo Angels dancing around God/Allah/YHVH!

By reversing the Structure through a Surrealist approach one can then gain an insight into the underlying motives behind the Traditional structure of indoctrination especially if one then incorporates the Erotic into the Feminine mix of Surrealism to thereby transform Daemons and Angeloi into the Succubae denizens of Dream.

Should anyone argue that to have Female Daemons as Slaves to sound very Kinky indeed one could likewise argue that the Traditional perspective of having all Male Demons, Angels, Devil and God all macho and machismo is also just as Kinky and what is more its structure of Symbolic focus has captured the Minds of many to verily 'Brainwash' over 2000yrs of systematic indoctrination by forced Conversion and Extermination.

The evidence for a Collective 'Brainwash' is not Anecdotal but that of a Reality!

One has to learn to Laugh doesn't one, otherwise one will go quite Mad; but it be far better if one becomes a Horn headed Surrealist!








There be a huge business in selling Ideas to the public, whether through writing, art, music etc so as to feed their Hunger, whose Hungering ways tends to follow a laid out rusting railroad track to be railroaded as a flock of Sheep. The Sheep to often not know or even to question that they have been subliminally ‘Brainwashed’ whose woolly Minds have been well and truly shafted to have their wallets drained by wannabe Guru’s and inane Mystics, whether of the Political arena or otherwise of Religious hue.

But then Politics has always been entwined with Religion; for one has a viral meme of contagion such as that of Grail Kings with their Serpent Grails, Bloodlines of Christ, Da Vinci Codes, Art works turned into coded ciphers by those who are not Artists and Egyptian Pyramids made into something other than what they are etc, which all point in one direction most obvious.

Many a so called researcher and author whom indulge their public tastes to jump upon the band wagon so as to earn a buck are merely of the Blind leading the Blind; one has Dan Brown’s books and that of others of similar Shining Ones Clone continually droning on about Illuminati, which are all of the same incestuous family to have Fallen Angels transformed into Aliens by those of so called New-Age Paradigm Shift, but it all leads back to the same Mythic focus, which is Judaeo-Christianity.

I guess they just can’t help themselves for they be ‘Brainwashed’ programmed Sheep. One could conjecture that some of these authors are being funded in most roundabout ways by black-ops projects so as to keep the focus ongoing upon the Middle-East of Political arena, which it is easy to do due to the 2000yr old Religious imprint of brand burnt into the psyche of the populace.

Alas one cannot go against the grain or underlying currents and when in Rome one does as the Roman’s do. However, one can be crafty; a Word evokes a Symbol by Association and it be the Symbol, which is Important, one merely has to ask a corporate psychologist versed in Advertising to know it be very much the case; hence one Changes the ‘Charged’ Meaning of a Symbol in order to ‘Spin’ it another way so as to negate the ‘Brainwash’.

For example, the Symbolic premise of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code ‘Spun’ many a Christian by its Emotive ‘Charge’ whence the Sheep bought it up like there was no tomorrow to have thence become a big buck film merely because it stated that their Jesus had Sex! The Sexual drive is the weak spot of Christianity, Islam and Judaism let alone that of eliminating the Feminine principle from their shared Religious Symbolism!

The Templars were not protecting a Bloodline of Jesus, there be no Da Vinci Code hiding a hereditary Christ, the Illuminati are not associated with a tradition, which winds back to ‘Babylon’ nor even that of the Freemasons to have such a connection, even with Solomon’s temple. How can I say this be so, well, there is one unerring fact and it be this, the vast majority of Western Europeans can’t Remember their Ancestral traditions and the reason for this is because such to have been systematically eradicated by the ascendancy of the so called Holy Roman Christian Church. What we to know of Norse, Germanic and Celtic let alone other European traditions have been written down by biased Christian clerics or to be collected by puritanical Victorian folklorists; in essence most Europeans have No ancestral Soul, whose generations have been programmed over 2000yrs to focus upon a land, traditions and culture belonging to another people. Hence, if there be any Secretive Order such as those of Templar ilk or otherwise Illuminati whose members of time were around while the very real Inquisitional Witch Burnings of a prior Holocaust were in full swing then one can gather that their 'Secrets' had far more to do with the ‘Elder Traditions of Europe’ rather than to do with Solomon’s Temple, Egyptian Pyramids let alone Christ Bloodlines!

In other words a most horrendous Crime has been committed to be hidden away while to get the Sheep to look somewhere else to seek out Scapegoats! The Secret be this… One No Longer has an Ancestral Soul for ones Ancestors were systematically Exterminated or were forced to convert to an alien faith whereby one as descendant has now been ‘Brainwashed’.

This process of 'Brainwashing' has afflicted other cultures and peoples across the globe, which is still ongoing.

For a Cult to have total power over its members it has to eliminate their Past whereby then to ‘Brainwash’ them! The Brainwash continues to this day amidst the plethora of such books churned out by the likes of Christ Bloodline Da Vinci Code Dan Brown look-alikes, Grail King Shining Ones of Judaeo-Romano cohort Clones and Fallen Angel Reptilian Alien Agenda New-Age freaks. Such books merely feed into a Mythic Media paradigm of Brainwash, which are full of Symbolic bilge with no substance to them whatsoever, let alone to reveal any Secret; this is no different and on par with a Nazi denying there was ever a Holocaust to wallow in Wagnarian fantasies, which in its self was brought about by Christian's hating Judas, but without him they to have had no Cross to hang around their lilly white necks looking for Grails.

The Focus has been ongoing since Ancient Rome took hold of Egypt to govern over the Middle-East, which was its main Grain Producer for without their Middle-Eastern Treasure House of granary Rome's Empire would have fallen; the same now applies in regards to the present age Hydrocarbon, whence to have Grain replaced by Oil! The Mystique of the Middle-East has been kept rolling on, via Religion interwoven with Politics and that of a collective Brainwash, for in truth it was all about Grain becoming Oil and that of a truer Bloodline to have spilt the Blood of many!

What has all this to do with Sorcery, Surrealism or Art; well, Sorcery to reveal how ones Subconscious Mythic Mind is Brainwashed, by ones own self, but more so by others; Surrealism allows one to transform Symbols so as to win ones Subconscious Mind back in order to own, while Art in all its forms be ones way of communicating something quite other than what one has been led to believe by the Blind leading Blind Lemmings all as Sheep over a precipice!

When one to merge all Three of Triad together, Sorcery, Surrealism and Art one has Sorceryrealism!  


     ITEM TWO:




One can perceive in hindsight a sequence of interconnected events of domino affect from whence one can determine that there is an underlying evolutionary process at hand. The interconnections throughout the weave of history have symbolic motifs as their mythic expression, which are invariably of a Religious source for such represent the aspirations of the collective. The origins, which the Religious symbolism has of Source is derived from a far elder Shamanic cosmology; one has a Head of a Source and a Tail of long Tale winding back through history from ones Present, whereby one has a Snake eating its own Tail of Future fusion fusing with the Past as one and the same of Return back to the Source.

An example of Mythic Engineering:

If one to look at the symbolism, which is the fixation of the Illuminati Triad of Religions around Ur Ziggurat at whose midst is their Abraham’s Eye one will perceive an unerring fact:

1: Judaism: Mt Zion of Cosmic-Mountain, which is perceived to be situated in the far North is no different to Mt Meru of the Hindu’s, which too is seen to be of the far Northern quarter of the world, which had inspired in turn that of Mt Olympus and many another Cosmic-Mountain motif. The Cosmic-Mountain was symbolised as a Ziggurat and Pyramid to that of man-made Hills and more often than not orientated towards the North of primary source under Orions Belt for the Cosmic-Mountin was perceived to have Three-Peaks of Horns like that of the Altay region Mt Beluha, which was considered to be the Orion-Dwelling-Of-The-Gods! The Cosmic-Mountain is usually perceived to have a World-Tree interpenetrating it of an Axis-Mundi, which is a classic Shamanic motif of North-Central Asian/Siberian Source and focus.

2: Christianity: Christ crucified upon Cross is no different to the Shaman of the far North whom symbolically hangs himself into Trance upon the World Tree, which interpenetrates the Northern Cosmic-Mountain of a Pyramid under the Three Stars of Orions-Belt, whereby the Shaman can thence descend into the Underworld to harrow and then ascend into the Upper-World before returning back to the Middle-World, being that of the Three levels of existence. This is more the case considering the fact that Christ was not Crucified alone to have Two others on either side of him, as a Triad, which to symbolically refer to the Two Nerve Channels running along either side of ones Tree-Trunk Spinal Column of an Axis-Mundi. The Two Nerve Channels on ones Left and Right side of Spine are associated with ones Autonomic-Nervous-System while the Central Nerve Channel is associated with ones Central-Nervous-System whose main Nerve fibres are to be found in ones Chest area of Heart! The Cross and that of the Tree motif found in the Hebrew Cabbala was originally derived from the Northern Shamans World-Tree symbol, which symbolically represents ones Nervous-System emanating from ones Spinal-Column of trunk. The Cross is also intimately tied up with the Sun's movements through the Seasons and that of the Zodiac whence one has Twelve Star-Signs becoming as Twelve Apostles.

3: Islam: Muhammad riding the Buraq through Seven Heavens veiled is no different to the Northern Shaman riding his Spirit-Horse and when to do so the Shaman to often wear a veil, which facilitates Trance ingress, whereupon he travels as a spirit through seven heavens that the Hindu’s call Chakras, which are affected by Circadian rhythms. The Chakras are aligned with ones Spinal-Column of Tree-Trunk for ones Neural Net is that of the World-Tree, while ones body is the Cosmic-Mountain of Pyramid whose base covers the four directions of Cross. The Kam/Shaman’s of Mongolia perceive the Spirit-Horse as residing within ones Heart area of Central-Nervous-System, which represents ones ability to access Trance at certain 'Key-Times' so as to Tune into other realities. The Shaman's Spirit-Horse was often perceived to be that of an Eight-Legged-Mare being that of a fusion of two Horses, for the two Horses represent the Two Nerve Channels on either side of ones Spine while the Eight-Legged-Mare was that of ones Central-Nerve-Channel, which was also symbolised as a sacred 'Cube-Stone'. One to note, that Muhammad’s Heart was opened by an Angel while Christ’s side was pierced with a Spear; in other words one has a Shamanic technique being alluded to in both instances!

In all three generalised examples one will find that the source referred to is not that of the Middle-Eastern Viral-Meme, but that of a far Northern origin of (Ante) Anti-Virus Meme, which one will discover as being mentioned in other Religious orientations from one culture to another. However, one will also discover that the meaning behind the symbolism, which one has been indoctrinated into has been lost to become quite literal of interpretation and very much entwined with the politics of Control.

In order to determine why this to have happened one has to look back into time so as to fly over ancient Sumeria as a Seer’s Hawk of Retrocognition. Eden was once known as Edom, which is considered by archaeologists as being one of the first urban dwellings, which led to the city of Ur; both of which suffered the fate of overpopulation that devastated the natural resources of the area. Both Edom and Ur were situated in Iraq, whereby one to find Adam cast out of Edom while Abraham left Ur for pastures green of milk and honey, whence one has the First Sin of Sex and that of subliminal Population Control via the utilisation of Myth, which Constantine's overpopulated Rome also utilised.

There is still much controversy and mystery concerning the origin of the Sumerian’s, whom seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere; however there is a possible clue in regards to the Sumerian’s original homeland for they were the ones who had prior told of the Great Flood, which inspired the tale of Noah. There is no evidence of a Great Flood in the area of the Middle-East where the Sumerian’s settled but there is evidence of such a Great-Flood elsewhere far Northern of clime.

Scholars have noted the similarities between Sumerian Magic and that of far Northern Shamanistic practices let alone that of language in regards to names ascribed to Spirits etc, which point to a connection with Siberia, and it is in Southern Siberia one to have had a Great-Flood hitting the Altay region a time long ago.

This has been backed up of recent times in regards to the science of Genetics, which points to an ancestral source that connects peoples varied such as that of the Northern-Chinese, Mongolian's, Native American's and Eurasian's, let alone that of the ancient Briton's covering the Welsh, Irish and Scot's whom all to have originally stemmed from the area covering the Altay to Lake Baikal of locale. The Genetic connection points to one Siberian tribe in particular being that of the Kets who are now residing in Western Siberia of large Oil reserves under melting Tundra. There is also a Genetic link with the Basques as well as with the Finns to even reach into Israel and hence that of prior Sumeria, which had suddenly sprung up around the time when ancient China was too at its early Northern beginnings.

The Sumerian Ziggurat was the forerunner of the Egyptian Pyramid, which one can also find in China covering the Shaanxi into Mongolia and even within the region of the Altay, that are similar to those Pyramids in the America's whereupon there does seem to be a common link on many fronts. It does appear that there was a catastrophe which hit the Altay to Baikal region long ago, which scattered the peoples therein residing far and wide to go into Europe, the Middle-East let alone to cross Bering-Straits into the America's who had a similarity of belief system, which was Shamanic of orientation.

There was of course a prior Shamanic orientation, which to have stemmed out of Africa of most ancient hue, which some archaeologists to say could in fact have been that of an Australian source, but then at such times most ancient the world was a very different place whose land masses were not so divided for our ancestors to explore.

Shamanistic practice goes back at least 30,000yrs or more and even the Neanderthal to have indulged in such practices whom to have fused with those peoples coming out of Africa/Australia. Shamanism is our common ancestral legacy, which can be traced back when to note its commonality and similarity of symbolic expression from one culture to another; however, there are those who have sought to own it for themselves whereupon they have attempted to erase the past of source so as to put another in its place for their own utilisation of Control. This is still continuing up until the present, for those in power seek to Control the mythic paradigm for their own ends, which blinds one to the actuality of a World-Wide Global weave of a Webbed out Grid of Symbolic language, which reveals ancient connections at whose midst the Shaman to Trance dance.  

From a cave painting of a Sorcerer, which left Pablo Picasso to say in awe, “We have Learnt Nothing New”, to that of his canvas upon whose Two-Dimensional surface he attempted to capture the Fourth Dimensional perspective of his ancestors, one to find the Shaman, for he was ever an Artist one and the same indivisible. It is the reason why the Shamanic legacy has continued for it was the Artist as Shaman whom communicated the inner vision of Under-World to harrow in order to aspire towards the Upper-World and hence evolve his Consciousness, which in turn affects the external Culture within which he participates to go beyond those Limits of Control placed upon it within the Middle-World.

This process continues for the Artist as Shaman, (which can be a Blessing as well as a Curse) has a job to do; however there be those who are just Artists whom far prefer not to go where the Shaman is waiting; for they like to keep hold of their ears Fearing Van Gough’s Impressionist Insanity or that of Steering away from Dali’s Surrealist Madness, while Picasso indulged himself within Fourth-Dimensional Feminine Intuitive wiles so as to keep his Sorcerers paintbrush of wand ever erect; all of these Artists, and many others besides, one to find, were inspired by the Muse of Woman, but then she to represent the World-Soul of the Quantum Dream, which is suffused by the Bio-Photon Light emanating from amidst the Mitochondria within each and every Cell for she remembers where one originally came from, hence she gifts visions when an Artist to Dream or otherwise to Trance inspire Painting, Writing, ones Music or to Act, etc.

One as an Artist to know, while others have to Remember that a piece of Art is born of an Idea, for without the initial Seed of an Idea one has No Creation. One can look at a Ziggurat, Pyramid, or that of a Temple to be impressed by, but alas, one often to forget about the most important of facts being that of the Idea, which spawned such creations in the first place and where the Idea to have originally originated from. An Idea is lighter than a feather, which one can carry as a Thought from place to place 'Nomadic' but it be somewhat difficult to carry a Pyramid upon ones back. Those who built the Ziggurats, Pyramids and Temples are remembered to take all the credit, but those who had the inspiring Idea are forgotten whereby one becomes blind to the Truth, which leaves one wide open to be Controlled!