A Time for American Patriots

Our Founders started our country as a great experiment in freedom and self-government.   Over the past 380 years America was built by noble people who had noble plans who established "One Nation Under God."   They came from many countries, and at considerable risk.   These brave souls had the courage to live the unique dreams their Creator put into their hearts and the impossible became possible as America was built one dream at a time.   We came to call it "The American Dream."

We have come to live in a vast, prosperous, and beautiful land.   For many years we have been a blessing to people the world over, coming to their aid in times of war and natural disaster.   

Now, in two short years, our country is being destroyed by a one party rule of self-identified socialists, known communists, and other miscellaneous liberals.    National security is compromised and the economy is plundered.    Private enterprise is managed by Czars.    Job creation is almost at standstill.    Red tape and taxes are the solution to every problem.    Socialized medicine has been approved and threatens to destroy our Healthcare as well as our Federal Budget.    The rate of federal spending will soon destroy our economy and Obama leadership's incompetence is eclipsed only by its voracious appetite for centralized power.

Finally, however, America is waking up!   Patriots across America are mobilizing, and Heaven is bombarded with the prayers of Saints who sense our national peril.   Once again America calls for true sons and daughters.   May the Divine Author or our lives and liberties give us strength  — He was always our great hope and He must be again.


Todd Akin

Missouri District 2
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

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