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10/31/2010 - 09:15 AM
Church And State

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General Election


Charlie Shick on Jobs, War, and Healthcare
Charlie Shick on Jobs, War, and Healthcare
October 15, 2010 - That's partisanship?
We often hear candidates talk about ending partisanship in Washington. Not me! If anything, there is not enough partisanship. All over this district I've been talking about how both Big Money parties have been bought off by the wealthy elite in this country and now work together to give us things like endless wars, foreclosures, and job loss. Think about it, who spoke up and defended the TARP act when it was introduced? Democrats spoke that it was bad because it favored big business. Republicans spoke that it was bad because it smacked of socialism. However, when it came time to stop running their mouths and vote, it somehow passed? These are the things you realize when you separate rhetoric and results.

Instead of actually sticking to partisan values, the two Big Money parties have now picked a few issues here and there over which to raise a fuss and make you think that they are actually two different parties. Recently, I took part in a candidate forum where members of the audience were allowed to provide questions. Rather than letting the electorate voice their concerns, several Republicans who were there for a separate forum overtook the floor asking questions that only served to try to show a difference between them and the Democrats.

The first question was regarding marriage and whether or not we favored same sex marriage. This was an absurd question for a federal race. Marriage licenses are handled by the individual states, not the federal government (as per the 10th amendment). Although it only served as a character point, I still stood proud in my support for the LGBT community and stated that I favored the legalization of same sex marriage.

The next question was regarding the ever popular topic of abortion. Once again, this is not really a legislative issue. The Supreme Court has the power to overturn Roe v. Wade, not congress, and if they did it would then be a state matter. The only matter that can be handled by congress is the matter of funding the procedure through medicaid. The standard response for those on both sides is that they oppose tax-payer funded abortions, but then they stop right there. They turn their backs on the issue entirely. I made the statement that rather than funding abortion we fund more comprehensive reproductive health education in our schools. While the Republicans and Democrats are only concerned about the supply end, I am working on reducing the demand. Of course, if the demand fell, then it wouldn't be an issue, and they wouldn't be able to pretend to have differences.

After the formal portion of the forum ended, I went back to my table and there I was asked a question by an actual voter. A lovely middle-aged woman who worked for the City of Kentwood asked me what I would do about the rising cost of utilities. With winter on its way, she's concerned about being able to heat her home and cook her food. I told her about the Green Party's work on the issue of access to water being a human right, and that the argument can definitely be made for heat as well. She then expressed a desire for the government to regulate the price of utilities. This is one of the most conservative districts in the state, and this woman is asking for further government regulations. She asked the best question I've been asked  during my campaign run, but she didn't get a chance to do so publicly because a handful of Big Money candidates had to put on their act for the people.

September 30, 2010 - Debates
Much like he did during the primary season, Justin Amash is refusing to debate. He clearly recognizes that his political and business records are full of holes and can't risk being called to task over them. Thus far only the KCAD Debate on October 7th has been canceled, hopefully no more fall victim to his lack of participation.

September 21, 2010 - This race is getting rather crowded...on the right.
With Pat Miles making a big deal about his 50 Republican endorsements, the political continuum in this race is getting awfully cluttered on the right, as you can see with the visual aid I've prepared. See, Miles calls himself a centrist, and wears the title well, what with his endorsements and financial contributions from the wealthy elite. The problem comes in when voters in this district make the same tired logic of, "I would vote Green if they had a chance to win, but until then I'll go Democrat and take the lesser of the two evils." I don't want to predict the outcome of the race yet, but with Miles trailing Amash by nearly 20% in the latest poll, and the fact that only two Democrats have held this office in the last 110 years, he doesn't really have much of a chance either. Leftist voters are a clear minority in this district, but now they have to make a choice. Do they "waste" their vote on me and vote for a candidate who proudly stands alone in the left but will, in all likelihood lose? Or do they "waste" their vote on Miles, who has abandoned them for the Big Money but will still, in all likelihood lose?

September 9, 2010 - Democrats: We Suck Less!
Last night on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Jon suggested that the democrats adopt a slogan of, "We Suck Less," and DNC chairman Tim Kaine actually agreed. So, this year, why not vote for a party that doesn't suck at all?


August 25, 2010 - What's your issue?

In preparation for my first interview with the press today, I asked people to throw random questions at me so I could practice making structured responses. Here are a few examples:


What are you going to do about Social Security?

-Steve Miller


Social Security, from the reports I've seen, will remain solvent for another 20 to 30 years. In that we can shore it up by imposing a $0.01/share Federal Sales Tax on stock transactions. Using a conservative estimate of the NYSE's daily volume being 5 billion shares, we could make between 12 and 13 billion dollars a year. Invested cautiously and conservatively, a 2 or 3% return on that investment over 20 or 30 years would keep Social Security afloat easily until the Baby Boomer bubble passes.


When elected, what will you actively do to make a difference on Capitol Hill?

-Larry Kusreau


It will be difficult to get cooperation from the Republicans and Democrats already elected as I would be the new guy from the new party. I will have to introduce a lot of bills pushing my trade, healthcare, defense, and Wall Street policies. Then I will have to be viral and make a very public fuss to draw the attention of voters from outside my district and make them push their elected officials to work with me.


What do you plan to do about immigration?

-Jeff Platte


We have a lot of people in this country illegally, and rounding them up would cost a lot of money. After pursuing my defense plan and stationing most of our military stateside we could more effectively patrol our borders like any other perimeter patrol. From there, people coming across could be picked up and transferred to a processing center. After having their identity verified and confirming that they are not a criminal or other threat, they would be granted entry to the country. Illegals already living here would receive the same treatment, and receive an amnesty after verifying their identity. I doubt my European ancestors had to go to a US consulate and receive a visa before coming over, they just paid for their passage and worked it out on Ellis Island. This is much the same.


So...go ahead, ask a question and I will gladly give an answer!

August 6, 2010 - Fundraising
So, we're going to try our hand at serious fundraising. Typically in America we make money by hurting, or exploiting people. I am against such exploitation and plan instead to just buy everyone that shows up a lot of beer. So, if you're down with the campaign, like beer, and don't mind making a $10 donation, come out to The Meanwhile at 1005 Wealthy Street on Wednesday evening.

August 3, 2010 - What We're Up Against
Below is a copy of the statement that I have released to the press along with a short fact page on myself and the campaign.

On August 3rd, Michiganders went to the polls. In the 3rd Congressional District, the results were disappointing to say the least.

For a Republican candidate, the voters chose Justin Amash. Throughout his campaign Amash has taken every chance to tell voters that he is "principled." But where do Justin Amash's principles lie? He refers to himself a "business owner" when in actuality he was merely named vice-president of his father's business, Michigan Industrial Tool. Despite the name, Michigan Industrial Tool isn't really connected to Michigan. In fact, they do nearly all their manufacturing in China and are responsible for the largest influx of Chinese tools into America over the last decade. So, apparently Amash's principles don't preclude him from using the name of this great state to sell a cheap Chinese product. I guess this also explains his continued push to open more free markets.

Democrat candidate Pat Miles isn't much better. He has pledged to run as a moderate candidate who is open to bipartisan compromise, which should lead a voter to question where his convictions and commitments lie. The answer is, "within the almighty dollar." Miles has raised over $300,000 for his campaign so far, with large contributions tied to interests like Microsoft, and Deutsche Bank AG. It's not hard to tell where Miles stands on anti-trust issues, or further banking bailouts. Miles lists 24 different boards and committees on which he has served on his Facebook page. Having spent so much time in boardrooms, it's hard to believe that Miles has any connection to the working people of West Michigan. He's just another Big Money politician trying to buy an election.

August 2, 2010 - Nomination
Yesterday I was confirmed as the Green Party of Michigan's nominee for the 3rd District. It's official, I WILL be on the ballot in November. Now is the time to work on making as many people vote for my ballot line as possible. In the coming days I will be posting information about fellow Greens in neighboring districts as well as those in statewide races. Once again, thanks to everyone for their support in getting my candidacy rolling so I could secure the nomination, now let's get this (Green) party started!

July 23, 2010 - NOW
Today I applied for the endorsement of the Michigan National Organization for Women. I sincerely want this endorsement as the plight of women has been a personal issue for me since I played in a feminist punk rock band in college. Whether or not they support me, I will continue to support them (but I still hope they do).

July 22, 2010 - Change?
Now that the Democratic Party is in full control of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House, where is that Change We Could Believe in? Is the Guantanamo Bay indefinite detention facility closed? No. Is indefinite detention without charge going to end? No. How about domestic surveillance, search and seizure without a warrant? You know, all that unconstitutional business surrounding the FISA Amendments Act. Are the Democrats ending it? No. In the Congress, they're saying as little as possible about warrantless surveillance, while under the Obama White House, Americans are continuing to be spied upon. Yes He Can... spy on you. How about protection for endangered species? The Obama administration is continuing the Bush Administration policy of ignoring the Endangered Species Act because it is inconvenient for business.

Progressives cannot hope to swallow the Democratic Party line that any moment now, just as soon as the next election's over, just as soon as they're in control, everything will be all right. The Democrats are in control, and not everything is being fixed, not by a long shot. The status quo is sitting pretty in DC, to tell the truth. It's time for principled progressives to look for an alternative.

The Green Party is that alternative. Support the Green Party in its national and state forms.

-Irregular Times

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