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Mary Landrieu Endorses Melville

Today the campaign was endorsed by our senior Senator:

“David is a friend and will be a fighter for the 4th District,” said Sen. Landrieu.  “It has been truly unfortunate to watch Washington become more divisive over the past several years, which is why we need people like David who will bring a cooperative spirit, a good heart, and a positive message to Congress.  I would be proud to work with him as the next Congressman from Northwest Louisiana.”

Read more on the News page.


Coverage of Latest Endorsement

In the latest endorsement by community leaders, David was endorsed yesterday by former Centenary College president Dr. Donald Webb, who said the following:

“I have the utmost faith in David to represent this district with a pastor’s heart.  Together, we can help him take a positive message to Congress.”

Click on the image to see KTBS's story on the endorsement, and as always, check out our News page for further details.


Do you have your yard sign?

These ladies do!  Call us to get yours today! (318)741-8120


Endorsed by Another Former Governor 

Read about my latest endorsement from former Republican Governor Buddy Roemer.

“I am a proud Republican for the past 20 years,” said Roemer.  “But, I realized as a public servant and now as a private citizen that America comes first, not the Party.  David realizes this and commits to this principle of putting America first.  Now, more than ever, we need David Melville in the United States Congress.”


Go Vote Early!

Don't forget to take advantage of EARLY VOTING starting today and going through next Tuesday, October 26.  Avoid the lines and the hassle of voting on Election Day, and please show your support early for David Melville for US Congress!

Simply head to your Parish Registrar of Voters Office between 8:30-6:00pm (except Sunday) and be prepared to show your ID.  In Caddo, the Registrar is located at 525 Marshall Street, and in Bossier the office is at 204 Burt Boulevard.  Office addresses for all other parishes can be found at the Secretary of State's website.