Guinness World Records earmarks licensing growth

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Guinness World Records earmarks licensing growth

Hit Paladone gift line is just the beginning of push into sector, says firm.

“I recently had the bizarre experience of counting the largest collection of trolls, you know, the gonk-like, northern European dolls with the big shock of colourful hair,” says Craig Glenday, editor in chief at Guinness World Records. “A young girl from Cholsey in the UK has been collecting since 2003, mostly from car boot sales, and now has a roomful of these things – 633 unique trolls in total.”

The Guinness Book of World Records has been published in 30 languages in more than 100 countries and has sold in excess of 115 million copies, becoming the biggest selling copyright book of all time. Now, the company is looking to the licensing arena in a bid to further build the brand.

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