A conversation about Bob Dylan

with Daniel Lanois, Suzanne Vega and Jon Pareles
in Music
on Friday, October 10, 1997 * * * * *


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A conversation with singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega, record producer Daniel Lanois and Jon Pareles of "The New York Times" about Bob Dylan's first album since 1979, "Bob Dylan: Time Out of Mind". They also discuss Dylan's enduring cultural imprint.

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Suzanne Vega
pop musician
Daniel Lanois
Jon Pareles

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    1. milkcow  04/03/2008 03:13 PM Report

      World Gone Wrong... weren't they covers? That is not considered new material. I think they mean originals by saying new material.

    2. Usama  12/19/2007 02:57 PM Report

      Lanois at 4:30

      "I always think that Bob's lived a lot of lives"

    3. trev gibb  11/29/2007 08:42 AM Report

      Bob Dylan's first album of new material since 1990. His last studio album previous to Time out of Mind was World Gone Wrong (1993) not 1979