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Noah's Ark Ministries International (NAMI) would like to express our gratitudes to those who show interest in our ark search and discovery. Plans of new expeditions are underway and will be announced to the public as soon as available. NAMI is now making a documentary film about the search of Noah’s Ark. Much unreleased video footage will be disclosed. The documentary film will be released by the end of this year. Please visit this official website for any update.
"Unfortunately - in the first version (2005 Edition) I wrote that it seemed the ark was not on Ararat, but on the other site (Durupinar). But your fantastic discoveries have totally changed this. What a discovery!!!"
Author of the book "Noah's Ark Uncovered", Henri Nissen, Denmark

"The significance of this find is that for the first time in history the discovery of Noah's Ark is well documented and revealed to the worldwide community," Aalten said "There's a tremendous amount of solid evidence that the structure found on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey is the legendary Ark of Noah,"
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Charles E. Sellier, founder and CEO of Grizzly Adams® Productions and co-author of two books about Noah's Ark and the Flood, notes, "There have been several reported discoveries of the remains of the Ark over the years, but we're especially excited and hopeful about this most recent find. The location of the relic is consistent with where we expected to find any possible surviving artifacts as we described in our books and showed in several of our documentaries."
Grizzly Adams® Productions

Gunay (Culture and Tourism Minister) also stated that they were happy for the Hong Kong explorers to carry out research on Mount Agri …The ministry plans to send a mixed group of Turkish researchers and explorers from Hong Kong up the mountain.
Today's Zaman, Turkey

Expedition Team discovered 7 spaces

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