The latest version of the Stack Overflow Trilogy Creative Commons Data Dump is now available. This reflects all public data in …

  • Stack Overflow
  • Server Fault
  • Super User
  • Meta Stack Overflow

… up to May 2010.

Download the Stack Overflow Trilogy Creative Commons Data Dump via BitTorrent

Please note that the Stack Overflow trilogy data dumps are now hosted at ClearBits! (which just changed its name from — smart move.) You can subscribe via RSS and be notified every time a new dump is available.

Have fun remixing and reusing; all we ask is for proper attribution.

  1. zooba says:

    Just thinking you could probably give the entry on ClearBits a more descriptive title than “May 10″. Though it seems that a lot of the items there suffer from poor titles…

  2. Stu Thompson says:

    This torrent shows up in my Transmission client as ‘ Stack Overflow Data Dump – Jun 10′. Oops.

    Regardless, I’m uploading it to a SO dump archive and renamed it, along with past dumps, for easy HTTP downloading.


  3. Jeff Atwood says:

    @stu love the image on that page :)

  4. Doeke says:

    I never bothered to download the dump, but just for the fun of it I did. But after downloading, and looking at the data files, I realized my account was data too (Leon Bambrick would say: “Get me out! I’m inside a table”). And licensed under creative commons license. Hmm, I feel a bit uncomfortable with this. Anybody gave any thought about this?

  5. Jeff Atwood says:

    @doeke the only stuff in the dump is what is already on the public Stack Overflow (or SU, SF, Meta) site. Nothing is shown that isn’t already out there on the website shown to Google et al.

    For example your email (private) and real name (private) are not part of the dump because those aren’t shown on the public web site.

    Rule of thumb: if it is shown on the public website, it will be in the data dump.

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