Glenn Wilson is not a Republican, Democrat, Tea Party Candidate, or Libertarian.
He's an Independent Citizen Candidate learn more...

Glenn Wilson -for- Northern Michigan

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A vote for Glenn Wilson is a vote for…

Below is a draft email that you can use as a template to send to your friends, and contacts, letting them know that you’re voting for Glenn Wilson on November 2nd and the reasons they should do the same.  Forward this email to everyone in your address book, and help Glenn win November 2nd!

Dear Friends:

Please remember to vote… Continue reading →

NPR Recording of Benishek Staffer and Former Glenn Wilson Campaign Manager

Listen to the Audio:

Audio segment of Benishek Staffer encouraging former Wilson for Congress campaign manager to lie to voters

NPR Full Story on the 1st District: This Party Sucks

Listen on This American Life:

In an audio recording recently put out by National Public Radio, staffer for the Benishek for Congress campaign is… Continue reading →

Letter from Supporters in Crystal Falls: “I won’t be wasting my vote”

Hi Folks,

Well, my decision is made.  I watched the Debate on T.V. 6 last week featuring 6 candidates for the seat being vacated by Bart Stupak.  There was a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, U.S. Taxpayers Party, and an Independent.  In our opinion, Glenn Wilson stuck out like a sore thumb.  He seemed poised, knew the issues, and supports… Continue reading →

Great letter from a Supporter in Marquette

I have never had a bumper sticker on my car, or a sign in my yard, but I have never missed an opportunity to vote. I usually consider my vote to be a private affair and nobody else’s business, but this year that has changed. The constant barrage of negative ads has forced me to come out publicly in favor… Continue reading →

Follow the Money

Daniel J. Benishek (R)

Contributor Total
American Academy of Ophthalmology $15,000
Dermetologist $9,000
Angeli Foods $7,200
Eagle Forum $7,000
American Academy of Ophthalmlogy $5,000
American College of Surgeons $5,000
American Interventional Pain Physicians $5,000
American Society of Interventional $5,000

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