State Ballot Measures - Statewide Results

100.0% ( 24,845 of 24,845 ) precincts partially
or fully reporting as of November 5, 2010, 9:04 a.m.
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Proposition Title Yes
% No
No19 Legalize Marijuana in CA, Regulate and Tax3,471,30846.1%4,046,80753.9%
Yes20 Redistricting of Congressional Districts4,343,29261.2%2,756,39838.8%
No21 State Park Funding. Vehicle License Surcharge.3,106,42941.9%4,294,95758.1%
Yes22 Prohibit State From Taking Some Local Funds4,364,46861.0%2,797,59539.0%
No23 Suspend Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32)2,850,88038.8%4,483,65061.2%
No24 Repeal Allowance of Lower Business Tax Liability2,963,33541.5%4,170,35158.5%
Yes25 Simple Majority Vote to Pass Budget3,953,63154.8%3,264,20045.2%
Yes26 2/3 Vote for Some State/Local Fees3,752,16852.8%3,357,03547.2%
No27 Eliminate State Redistricting Commission2,830,39240.5%4,141,84859.5%