andrea botero

Designer [project leader] and researcher at Media Lab in the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Known locally as TAIK) ... soon to be Aalto University


I am interested and involved in far more things than what is practical to be. So we will keep this shorter ;-)


• My work responsabilities are outlined in my Media Lab's card. That is where you know where I am and how to contact me.

• A research profile can be digged from ReseDa (TAIK's research database). That's the place to search for publications, projects and all sorts of PDFs to download.

• A compact CV can be browsed in this serious looking social networking site.

• Mariana has talked me into writing this blog with her. (Stanford wanted me to do it in here but I was always lazy). That's the place for favorites and all kinds of links to seemingly unrelated stuff.

PD 1: I tidy up this in July 2009 - ABC

PD 2: Hay otra Andrea, tambien colombiana pero cantautora, eso no soy yo.

Andrea a potrait by Luna - 2009