One billion go hungry.. socialism is better than capitalism

28 Jun


One billion go hungry.. socialism is better than capitalism



The global financial meltdown has had devastating effects for the world’s poor according to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization. War, drought, political instability, high food prices are compounded by the financial meltdown. Today, according to the UN’s FAO, over one billion people go hungry. Hunger now affects one in six people. 


Since last year, 100 million more people have slipped into hunger. The number of hungry people has risen  11 percent. The number of hungry people is estimated to have reached 1.02 billion according to a recent UN report.  In addition, the hunger rate is rising. The number of hungry people is growing more quickly than the global population. 


Asia and the Pacific have the largest number of hungry people at 642 million. Sub-Saharan Africa has 265 million hungry people. The entire “developed world” has, by comparison, 15 million hungry people. The vast majority of all the world’s hungry people exist in the Third World. These statistics once again point to the very concrete way that imperialism affects the lives of those in the Third World, driving them into extreme poverty and despair. And, it shows how imperialism affects the lives of those in the First World largely insulating them from catastrophic hunger as experienced by the Third World.  


Hunger, as defined by the UN’s FAO, is consuming less than 1,800 calories a day. This threshold is, on average, the number of calories that a person needs to maintain their body weight.


UN officials are worried that crossing this 1 billion milestone does not bode well for imperial stability.  Josette Sheeran of the World Food Program, a UN agency based in Rome, pointed out that hungry people rioted in at least 30 countries last year. In one case, high food prices led to riots in Haiti that overthrew the prime minister.  According to the FAO, on average, food prices were 24 percent higher in real terms at the end of 2008 compared to 2006. “A hungry world is a dangerous world,” Sheeran said. “Without food, people have only three options: They riot, they emigrate or they die. None of these are acceptable options.” Of course, there is another option: socialist revolution. 


Those who think that capitalism has a better track record than socialism should take a closer look. Capitalism has never come close to solving the problem of hunger. Instead global capitalism has generated a situation where hunger is mostly eliminated for a minority of very wealthy countries, and massive hunger exists for the vast majority of poor countries. One billion people go hungry every day under global capitalism, almost all live in the Third World. Although socialist societies experienced problems as society was reorganized to try to eliminate oppression, eventually socialist societies were able to solve the food problem for the most part. When Mao came to power in China, a quarter of the world’s population lived under the threat of hunger and famine. And, sadly, China once again faces the problems of capitalism. However, by the end of the Mao era, this threat no longer existed. Socialism solved the food question for a quarter of humanity. And, unlike the imperialist countries of the First World, socialist China solved its food issue without exploiting other countries. Contrary to capitalism, socialism solves its food problems peacefully. 





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  1. boadica June 20, 2009 at 9:08 pm #

    “What’s for dinner, honey?”
    “Surf & Turf, dear!”
    First Worlders dine in style, while the rest of the world starves.
    Fuck Capitalism!
    Victory to Socialist Revolution!

  2. Jake of IJC June 20, 2009 at 10:57 pm #

    10 million are said to be perishing yearly from preventable disease/malnutrition in the Third World, and the bourgeois academia wants to complain the early and TEMPORARY difficulties of the socialist camp.

    Socialism in Russia, China, and Albania wiped out hunger and preventable disease until their respective proletariat(s) were toppled. The apologists for imperialism can’t deal with that. Tough shit. History is on our side once all the math is worked out.

  3. 2mv June 21, 2009 at 11:44 am #

    Let’s be honest, here, too: Revisionist regimes that didn’t entirely dismantle the safety net inherited from socialism in state capitalism also preserved or sometimes improved their standard of living. Cuba serves as today’s example of a revisionist regime with a good standard of living, only possible through state capitalism.

  4. Jake of IJC June 21, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    True. However, revisionist regimes generally are pretty unstable when it comes to things like self-sufficiency in food, which is critical for maintaining humane and egalitarian living standards.

    Cuba, for instance, opted to link themselves to Soviet imperialism and it’s phony “International Division of Labor” instead of Maoist style self-reliance. This Khrushchev/Brezhnev version of the Theory of the Productive Forces (TOPF) had the Castro brothers leading the Cuban people into turning Cuba into a Soviet sugarcane colony.

    Yes, state-capitalism in Cuba made for the “largest sugar harvest in Cuban history”, but so what? Who got all that sugar? The Soviet labor aristocracy, aspiring to get fat off of simple carbs like their Amerikkkan counterparts, that’s who. What about a balanced diet for CUBANS, first and foremost? The best food for every nation, scientifically speaking, is that which is grown locally. This is a priority not just for energy production and the health of the people, but also because it links the proletariat and peasantry closer together in the drive to abolish class distinctions (as well as “city” and “countryside”) on the way to communism.

    The shit hit the fan with Soviet/Cuban revisionism in 1992. The social-imperialist Soviet Union was now gone, and now Cuba lost its main trading partner. Now, Cuba was in a food/fuel crisis it had no reason to have in the first place, considering its rich horticultural heritage and potential. The Cuban people were so pissed they almost overthrew the Castro regime a la Ceausescu in Romania, with only Fidel’s charismatic anti-imperialist credentials saving his ass. The glorious Cuban people, in their heroic spirit of independence, refused to switch back to the Amerikan Empire. They spontaneously diversified their agriculture, built “green roofs”, and other food production innovations both in the countryside AND the cities.

    If only the Cuban masses had a genuine socialist government, like China under Mao during the revolutionary GLF/GPCR periods (1958-61/1966-71), things would be much farther along with self-sufficient agriculture. Instead, Castro called Mao “fascist”. Now we see the remnants of the CPSU in Russia going fascist FOR REAL, so history has proven that Fidel Castro and the “Communist” Party of Cuba don’t know what their talking about here.

    Put Maoism-Third Worldism in command!

  5. Fairness June 22, 2009 at 12:00 am #

    There is only so much stuff in the world. Under the current imperialist system, First World peoples get way too much. And, this includes food. It is sicking how much food is wasted by First Worlders while hundreds of millions of people starve, mostly in the Third World. In order to give the Third World a fair cut of the world’s resources, First Worlders have to accept less. Think about how much poorer the First World peoples would be if there was a fair distribution of wealth worldwide.

    Giving more to First World workers means giving less to Third World peoples. First Worldism is the new revisionism. Revolutionaries are finally starting to wake up.

  6. Fcuk America June 22, 2009 at 7:31 am #

    This statistic is all the more reason why the idea of a global redistruction of wealth and power from the First World to the Third World should become an even more important part of any Maoist political agenda.

    This idea of global wealth redistribution can be a powerful catalyzing political force in the Developing World.

    And it can form a critical part of an anti-imperialist politics.

  7. Anti-Amerikkkan June 26, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    There is no way around it: If there is to be anything approximating a socialist distribution of resources, then First World peoples, especially their working classes have to take a cut in their standard of living. What is so fucking complicated about this? The fact that the very idea of this meets with such resistance from the First world left shows how absolutely chauvinist and racist they are.

    Maoism-Third Worldism has, in the U$A, become only second to RCP in terms of activity from self described Maoists from what I can tell. Yet, as we demolish them intellectually, they resort to the most cowardly and sectarian tactics. If its one thing the First Worldists unite on it is in attacking us. They won’t even let us on the wiki Maoism article even though our movement has way more an impact than other self-described Maoists.

    The First Worldists are total enemies. They are fools who live in a pretend land. Their “Marxism” is a joke. What sickens me is why these revisionists are tolerated in the Third World. Are the Indian Maoist groups serious? or are they brain dead? It’s going to take a serious vanguard, serious science, to make it through this dark time. Enough is enough. We need to know where these movements in other countries stand.

  8. Maoism-Third Worldism is here to stay June 29, 2009 at 1:57 am #

    We should admit that some revisionists are better than others. Some revisionists are part of the broad united front against imperialism. Some revisionists who hold state power have a better track record than Amerikan comprador regimes. However, revisionism will never lead us to communism. One of the reasons that socialism was reversed in China was that they did not fully grasp the connection between the revisionism of the Theory of Productive Forces and the view that there is a significant First World proletariat. The next time we hold state power, we need to do a lot better. The GPCR ended about 3-4 decades ago. Since then, our science has advanced by leaps and bounds. While Maoism-Third Worldism advances, fake Marxism exists in much the same way it did decades ago. What kind of science is it that stands still? It is funny to read the papers of these “Marxist-Leninist” or “Maoist” groups that religiously repeat the formulas of the past, including the First Worldist errors, religiously. There was a time when the divide between the First and Third World was not so clear cut — so certain errors were understandable. However, this is no longer the case as this article shows. Science must match up at some level with reality. And, the simple fact is that revisionism, especially the First Worldism of “Marxist-Lenisnists” or “Maoists” does not. And, it obviously doesn’t. That is the punch line. Nobody really buys what these First Worldists are selling. Hell, the First World working class thinks they are a joke too.

  9. Reality Czech July 6, 2009 at 10:51 pm #

    The First World must be destroyed. There must be an evening-out of the world’s resources. It is sick that the first world grows fat while the rest suffers. What kind of Marxism agitates on behalf of First World workers — who are already part of the richest people in the world. It is shameful. Social imperialism = socialism in words, imperialism in deeds.

    Big up to Maoism-Third Worldism!

  10. Communism 4.0 July 11, 2009 at 1:09 am #

    The photo is really disturbing. It is an allegory of the world situation. The vulture is the first world. The starving child is the third world.

  11. not an atom July 14, 2009 at 7:33 am #

    Fairness said, Quote:
    “There is only so much stuff in the world. Under the current imperialist system, First World peoples get way too much. And, this includes food. It is sicking how much food is wasted by First Worlders while hundreds of millions of people starve, mostly in the Third World. In order to give the Third World a fair cut of the world’s resources, First Worlders have to accept less.

    While there is a lot of unesessary waste in the first world , reorganising the globalist/imperialist mode of production and distribution ,including capitalist farming and land reform .modern technology applied in humanities interest would easily ensure plenty or sufficient good food for all .
    Besides, It would be hard to “enforce” voluntary absolute egalitarianism and belt tightening on all the fatsos in the first world .

    • Fairness July 14, 2009 at 7:52 am #

      First Worldists commonly say that “the goal isn’t to bring First Worlders down, but to bring the Third World up. Therefore, there is no contradiction between the First and Third World.” This idea is false. Even if enough food could be produced to feed everyone, it is not true that enough stuff could be produced to give everyone access to the First World lifestyle.

      It is going to be hard to enforce any revolutionary reorganization of society on the First World. But, that is the task of the Joint Dictatorship of the Proletariat of Exploited Nations. The JDPEN will be tasked with imposing socialism on the First World. First Worlders will fight the JDPEN tooth and nail. Enforcing a new mode of production on the First World entails enforcing a more egalitarian distribution globally. In fact, it might entail making First Worlders poorer than the rest of the world for a time in order to extract reparations.

  12. not an atom July 14, 2009 at 11:08 pm #

    There is “all the stuff’ and the environmental pollution unnecessary waste the drive for profit that creates with capitalist/imperialist control of the means and mode of production and distribution of the product, that system may not be environmentally sustainable for the survival of the human species .That is one thing first world exploitative lifestyles help to make the principle active contradiction that between the third world peoples and the majority of the proletariat and imperialism. That is the big picture .

    But producing sufficient food for the worlds population is not such a big problem . The problem is that right now it is easily seen that the current world production and wasteful production distribution system dictated by the need of profitability and imperialist lifestyles ensures and condemns billions live in food poverty effecting the basic survival of many. Even elements of the more ‘humanitarian” speculative bourgeoisie are aware of that and unsustainable first world lifestyle questions . Quote . “Here is the raw data I found important when researching what the dollar’s collapse is going to do to global food consumption…. “the poorest of the world are subsidizing the wealthiest in the world.”"The world’s poor spend most of their income on food”

    Production and distribution and control of the markets using the dollar hegemony finance system puts food production and distribution in the hands of the first world imperialist monopolists , who dictate a big share of the food pie at subsidised prices is granted as bribe to its labour aristocracy for its wasteful lifestyles . And as a result the third world is forced to organise its food production as competitive export of wealth ,one crop economies ,sold into imperialist controlled markets .Thereby enabling imperialism and its futures speculators and monopolists (like Cargil)controlling food markets to seize the advantages of not only exploiting third world cheap labour but the natural wealth productivity of the soils and seas of the whole world.

    As a practical matter a simple solution to the food problems in particular is clearly available and can inspire people to struggle . National independence even under a patriotic bourgeiosie is the first necessary step forward for peoples of the third world. But ,the simple practical promise of solving the basic food problem in the third world does not involve promising a complete first world lifestyle .The whole hog.. Even on the food question refusal of the third world to deliver up the necessary food in return for paper dollars could be considered a first form or step towards the JPEN ,external dictatorship of the third world peoples. Not necessarily involving immediately for its solution the JPEN internally in the first world , as imperialism has its militaryit may come to that ,“ for all the stuff” to build socialism and to move all humanity forward .

  13. jakessia October 20, 2009 at 3:09 pm #

    this is very sad.i really feel for these children

  14. jessi April 28, 2010 at 3:56 am #

    This is really very disturbing picture of reality around us.

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