Warrick, Deej

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  • Weapon:
    Spear, knife, blaster
  • Vehicle:
    Ewok hang-glider

From the Expanded Universe

Deej Warrick is a proud Ewok warrior and father, and the grandson of the legendary Ewok warrior, Erphan Warrick. Deej lived in a small house on the forest floor, adjacent to the larger Bright Tree village. Deej served his community faithfully for years, eventually earning a position in the Council of Elders that governed the village. Deej and his wife Shodu had four children: three sons, Willy, Weechee and Wicket, as well as a baby daughter, Winda.

His sons loved Deej and thought him infallible. Deej often grew concerned at his sons' foolhardy antics, particularly those of Wicket, whose adventures seemed to regularly get him into trouble. When Deej was overcome by exasperation, Shodu would gently remind him of his own reckless time as a youth.

One day while fishing, Deej fell back while tugging at a particularly stubborn catch. He scraped himself against the razor-sharp fungus of the Rokna tree. The poison worked through his bloodstream, and he fell deathly ill. Logray examined his sickness, and instructed his sons to gather the necessary ingredients to concoct an antidote: the tail of a lantern bird, a frosch egg, and a star-shaped urchin plucked from the dandelion warriors. Deej's three sons split up to gather the elements, and managed to save Deej's life.

Deej had a deep love of the outdoors, and would often scout the neighboring forest by flying an animal-skin hang-glider through the Endor skies. One day, his sons Weechee and Willy discovered a pair of human children stranded on Endor. Deej and his sons helped Mace and Cindel Towani find their parents who were held captive by the evil Gorax.

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