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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Forest Fires and Dynamics of Forest Cover
Marine Biodiversity
The Earth's Magnetic Field
The Hazardous Earth

Mathematical Sciences

Growth, Development, and Technological Change
Entropy Systems Theory
Large Scale Optimization
Mathematical Models in Epidemiology
Sample Method and Quality Control
Algebraic Geometry and Applications
Descriptive Measures of Ecological Diversity

Biological, Physiological and Health Sciences

Alkaline Environments and Biodiversity
Anthropology of Aging
Human Health in Water Resources Development
Plants as a source of Anti-cancer Agents


The Economics Of Agrobiotechnology

Biotechnology And Agrobiodiversity
Genetic Engineering Of Plants
Biopesticide Production
Genetic Engineering Of Algal Species

Tropical Biology and Conservation

Sandy Coastal Vegetation
Seed Dispersal And Frugivory In Tropical Ecosystems
Beetles As Indicators For Forest Conservation In Central America
Reproductive Biology Of Tropical Plants
Tropical Fruit Crops And The Diseases That Affect Their Production

Land Use, Land Cover and Soil Sciences

Land Use Planning For Sustainable Development
Land Use Changes During The Past 300 Years
Land Use, Land Cover And Soil Sciences
Soils And Soil Sciences
Desertification and Ancient Desert Farming Systems
Soil Physics

Social sciences and Humanities

Civilizational Analysis: A Paradigm in The Making
Emotions and Human Health
Literary Multilingualism i: General Outlines and Western World
Non-Western Philosophies of Law
Western Philosophy and the Life-Ground
World-Systems Analysis

Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

Corrosion Detection and Diagnosis
Mobility and Social, Technological and Environmental Changes
Offshore Drilling and Production Equipment

Structural Analysis
Quantum Phenomena in Low-dimensional Systems
Radiation Therapy
Synchronous Machines
Wireless Terrestrial Communication: CellularTelephony

Control Systems, Robotics and Automation

Pid Control
Identification For Control
Relations Between Time Domain And Frequency Domain Prediction Error Methods
Controller Design In Time-Domain
Sensors In Control Systems

Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources  

Nuclear Waste Management and The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
Heat and mass transfer operations - Crystallization
NMR Spectroscopy
Organic and Bio-molecular Chemistry  

Water sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

Groundwater Recharge
Morphology and Channel Processes
Recycle and Reuse of Domestic Wastewater
The Hydrological Cycle and Human Impact on it
Tsunamis and Tsunami-Warning Systems

Energy Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

High Temperature Solar Concentrators
Strategies for the Adoption of Renewable Energy Technology
Application of Thermoeconomics to the Design and Synthesis of Energy Plants
Energy Efficiency in Fertilizer Production and Use
Storage of Thermal Energy
Energy Carriers and Conversion Systems
Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass
Nuclear Interactions

Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

Transboundary Air Pollution
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Basic Principles
Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power Generation
Thermal and Catalytic Combustion
Health Effects from Exposure to Chronic Levels of Industrial Chemicals
Harvesting the Ocean

Food and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources

Improving the Protein Content and Quality of Temperate Cereals: Wheat, Barley and Rye
Energy Use in Production of Food, Feed, and Fiber
Organization of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Rural Enterprises
Engineering Properties of Food
History of The Food Quality Standards
Melting of Polar Icecaps: Impact on marine biodiversity
Forests in Environmental Protection
Sorghum and Millets  

Human Resources Policy, Development and Management

Sustainable Human Development in the Twenty-First Century: An Evolutionary Perspective
Ecological and Environmental Change
Social and Cultural Development of Human Resources
Consequences of Global Change to Human Development

Natural Resources Policy and Management

Soil Conservation
Global Warming and Human Migration
Non-renewable Resources
Eradication and Control of Invasive Species

Development and Economic Sciences

On The Economics of Non-Renewable Resources
Economics of Sustainable Development: International Perspectives
Sustainable Development Indicators for Decision Making: Concepts, Methods, Definition and Use
Environmental Globalism and Green Consumers
The Evolving Economics of War and Peace
Introduction to Sustainable Development

Institutional and Infrastructural Resources

Institutional Arrangements for Ethics and Justice
Cross-Cultural Conflict
Human Settlement Development: The Central Role of Cities in our Environment's Future—Constraints and Possibilities
Ethics Fundamentals and Approaches to Ethics
Four Phases of Research on Environment and Security

Technology, Information and Systems Management Resources

Coping with Complexity and Uncertainty
Life Cycles for System Acquisition
Knowledge Management, Organizational Intelligence and Learning, and Complexity
Science and Technology Policies in the Context of International Scientific Migration
Monitoring of Surface Water Quality

Area Studies(Regional Sustainable Development Reviews)

Regional Sustainable Development Review: China
Environmentally Displaced People
Forestry Principles In Japan
Women´S Perspectives On Sustainable Development In Brazil
Food Security In Africa: Challenges And Prospects