EtherCodes let you share and collaborate codes with other peers in real-time, with simply a web browser.

How often had I being annoyed by the inconvenience of the simply wish of sharing codes and collecting improvements from my colleagues, through emails, via instant messages, on web paste bin, over a VNC, etc... all that didn't satisfy me from either a verbose setup process or the chaos when having to figure out piece of codes from messy, EtherCodes enlighten me of the way how this should just work, and even refreshes my style of working to a way that's more open, and efficient, happy coding!

Now hosting 402 live pads! Other features you might like:

  • Instantly Updated You should never feel the changes are happening over a network :)
  • Author Colors Each author could have a unique color in the entire conversation, presenting his/her changes.
  • Unlimited Revisions Every single change can easily be undo, without worrying about screw up others' typing.
  • Import & Export Easily import from a local file, from a place on the web, or download your final codes