5 Responses to “Call of Duty: Black Ops Review”

  1. Great review! I don’t think I can resist Black Ops :P

  2. Agreed. Great review, Riley!
    Picked it up yesterday and played the first 2 missions. So far, so COD, but the veneer of style slapped on everything makes it easy to love.
    Zombies is totally where it’s at right now for me, until we play MP tonight that is.

  3. Got about two more missions to go in the campaign. Aside from some unbalanced parts and Sam Worthington sounding too Austrailian at times it’s probably my favorite cod campaign. Mp is the usual cod with some interesting additions.

  4. I’m almost through with the campaign, which I’ve enjoyed. I think it’s the better campaign of the franchise yet, and I feel like I have more emotion towards the characters versus previous ones being forgettable.

  5. voice acting aside the sound effects are terrible. the gameplay is really repetitive and predictable (run, meet up with enemies, run some more and clear out more enemies).

    i don’t play MP the pacing is off and some of the people playing are f***ing idiots, both the ones opposing or with me.

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