Blekinge Institute of Technology

Welcome to our research group PAARTS!

We are interested in the following research areas:

  • Methods, guidelines, and tools for cost-effective development of parallel applications for multiprocessors and multicore systems. This includes techniques for handling conflicts and tradeoffs between performance, maintainability and availability.
  • Tools and methods for visualization, performance prediction, and performance debugging of multithreaded applications. In this area a prototype tool has been developed that visualizes the parallel execution of a multithreaded program, shows all synchronizations and thread interactions and predicts the performance for an arbitrary number of processors.
  • NP-hard resource allocation algorithms, e.g. scheduling. In this area focus is on mathematical techniques for establishing optimal performance bounds on NP-hard resource allocation problems, thus making it possible to compare the performance of heuristic resource allocation techniques with the optimal result.
  • Methods and techniques for migrating sequential applications to multiprocessor and multicore systems. We have worked with both user-level application as well as kernel-level real-time operating system code.
  • Parallel computer architectures and multicore architectures, with a focus on the cache and memory system. For example, novel coherence protocols and update strategies have been developed. Current interests are novel synchronization and data management techniques such as transactional memory. In this work we use Virtutech Simics as one of our tools.
  • Real-time multimedia applications. In this area the focus is on techniques for parallel real-time ray tracing of dynamic scenes and real-time streaming video applications in mobile terminals with various resource constraints such as power and bandwidth.

For more information, please use the links in the menu or contact the Research Group Leaders: Professor Lars Lundberg and Professor Håkan Grahn.