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It's the global economy, stupid. 12:38pm: The G-20 is over but economic concerns remain. With euro debt fears resurfacing and China reportedly mulling rate hikes, markets may be tumultuous unless leaders cooperate. More
Nov 11: China, India, Brazil and Russia may present great long-term opportunities for investors due to sluggish growth in the U.S., Europe and Japan. But you need to be cautious. More
Nov 10: It's almost impossible to know. Bulls say foreclosure losses are minimal while bears have gloomy forecasts. But until there's more clarity, BofA is probably a stock to avoid. More
Nov 9: Yahoo's shares are up again on rumors it will be taken private. But investors jumping into the stock have to be careful. They will get burned if no deal materializes. More
Nov 8: Some think crude prices aren't high enough yet to worry about. But quantitative easing and a weak dollar may cause oil to shoot much higher -- which could hurt the recovery. More
Nov 5: The newspaper stock has tumbled on concerns about its Kaplan education unit. After owning WaPo for nearly 3 decades, is it time for Berkshire Hathaway to cash in? More
Nov 4: Investors celebrated the Fed's $600 billion quantitative easing program and election results. But jobs numbers need to really improve in order to keep Wall Street happy. More
Nov 3: The Republican victory in the House could lead to reduced federal spending and a lower deficit. But what if more stimulus is actually needed to help the economy now? More
Nov 2: General Motors is edging closer to its eagerly awaited IPO. But Ford stock has been on fire all year and may still be the best bet for investors looking to cash in on an auto rebound. More
Nov 1: According to the Chinese calendar, next year will be the year of the rabbit. But for the Federal Reserve, 2011 is shaping up to be the year of the hawk -- the inflation hawk, that is. More
Oct 29: Online job recruitment site Monster Worldwide's quarterly results impressed investors. But are the company's strong results also a positive sign for the broader economy? More
Oct 28: The smartphone maker was written off by many on Wall Street. But the Droid is a real hit, and it seems Motorola may be able to hang in there with Apple. More
Oct 27: Despite expectations the central bank will announce a new round of Treasury purchases, long-term yields are starting to creep higher again. Here's why. More
Oct 26: AMD? Harley-Davidson? Avon? Sony? Name a company and there's probably a rumor about it being for sale. It's getting a little silly. But it's also a healthy sign. More
Oct 25: The financial ministers at G-20 vowed to not take part in currency wars but investors think more dollar devaluation is likely ahead of next week's key Federal Reserve meeting. More
Oct 22: The top search engine in China is growing at an extremely rapid clip. And even though shares trade at a lofty price, some analysts think Baidu may still be worth buying. More
Oct 21: Many big companies are reporting profits that are topping forecasts. More importantly though, sales are also on the rise. That's potentially a better sign for the economy. More
Oct 19: Some experts worry investors have priced in the likelihood of a Republican victory in the House and more quantitative easing. What happens after elections and the Fed? More
Oct 18: Bank stocks have been rocked in recent weeks on foreclosure halts and allegations of sketchy practices. But some think the financial sector sell-off is an overreaction. More
Oct 15: Bill Cooper, CEO of Minnesota regional bank TCF Financial, is so mad about financial reform that he's willing to take regulators to court to block a key amendment to Dodd-Frank. More
Oct 14: The greenback is falling against the euro, yen and many other currencies. Alarm bells aren't ringing yet but some worry about what will happen if the dollar falls further. More
Oct 13: The satellite radio company's shares are at a 52-week high as auto sales rebound and subscriber counts grow. But questions about a certain shock jock's contract linger. More
Oct 12: The world's infatuated with Apple, and its stock is at an all-time high. But guess what? Shares of boring Big Blue are also at an all-time high. Here's why. More
Oct 11: Stocks, bonds, gold, oil. You name it and it's probably up a lot lately on hopes the Fed will soon take more steps to bolster a still sagging economy. Are investors too giddy? More
Sep 29: Online travel leader is surging despite market volatility and macroeconomic fears. Despite that, there still may be some room for the stock to run. More
Sep 28: Retail stocks have been on fire in September. That either means that confidence numbers are bogus or that the retail rally's about to come crashing to a halt. More
Sep 27: Companies are sitting on a lot of cash and are starting to use it on acquisitions. That's helped lift the stock market in the third quarter. Will the M&A train keep rolling though? More
Sep 24: Sure, the metal has already had a glittering run. But given that it's running up on inflation and deflation fears, gold could still climb higher over the next few years. More
Sep 23: Ireland's GDP report is the latest cause for concern in Europe. The crisis may not be as bad as feared earlier this summer. But Europe isn't exactly healthy just yet either. More
Sep 22: With bond yields plummeting and investors worried about the economy, stocks that are paying steady income streams suddenly look more attractive. Imagine that. More
Sep 21: Stocks often slump in the ninth month. But not in 2010. Still, some worry that investors may be overly optimistic about where the economy is headed. More
Sep 20: Forget what Wall Street thinks. Even though home builder stocks are up on Lennar's results, many consumers still think the housing market is in trouble. More
Sep 17: Where's the economy headed? Look down under. The Aussie dollar's on fire as copper and other commodities surge. That's good for the U.S. as long as the rally continues. More
Sep 16: The increase in gold and other commodity prices have fueled inflation fears. But the Fed is unlikely to acknowledge this as long as the economy remains weak. More
Sep 15: Two years after Lehman's collapse, New York Community Bancorp and other banks that refused TARP funds look back. They're still happy they turned down the government. More
Sep 14: The Japanese auto giant's shares continue to slump as the combination of recall woes, a weakening global economy and a surging yen all add up to trouble for Toyota. More
Sep 13: The recent bump in long-term Treasury yields may be temporary. With the economy still in rough shape, some think new lows for the 10-year note are inevitable. More
Sep 10: Visa and MasterCard have been hit hard due to concerns about regulatory reform, the weak economy and technological threats. The fears appear to be overblown. More
Sep 9: One hedge fund manager who used to own Yahoo said the company is losing its relevance quickly and needs -- yet again -- to find a new strategy. More
Sep 8: Worries about the weakening U.S. economy, the European debt crisis and regulatory reform are main reasons why bank stocks have slumped -- and are likely to keep doing so. More
Sep 7: The software giant's stock surged Tuesday and gained $6 billion or so in market value because of Mark Hurd's hiring. Are investors too enthusiastic? More
Aug 27: The fast food chain is one of the best performers in the Dow this year. It's still a classic defensive stock in a weak economy but it's also a good growth story too. More
Aug 26: Estimates for GDP growth in the second quarter are expected to be revised sharply lower due to a widening trade deficit. So much for a speedy recovery. More
Aug 25: Investors bidding up Toll Brothers and other builders the past two days are conveniently ignoring the fact that it may take years for the real estate market to truly recover. More
Aug 24: Concerns about a sluggish recovery in the United States, Europe and Japan are weighing on stocks and will likely do so for the foreseeable future. More
Aug 23: Shares of Research in Motion have been hit hard as investors worry about disappointing Torch sales. Is RIM now a great bargain or is it the next Palm? More
Aug 20: Gold prices inch back near record territory. Despite being an inflation hedge, it may benefit from deflation fears. Investors may also be chasing momentum and the 'smart money.' More
Aug 18: Deflation is something to worry about but some experts say demographics could prevent a Lost Decade. Older people are a much smaller portion of the population than in Japan. More
Aug 17: Companies are rushing to put some of their cash to use on acquisitions. But there's debate over whether that's a positive sign for the economy. More
Aug 16: Long-term Treasury yields are at their lowest levels since March 2009. Is this a sign of a crumbling economy or merely recognition that the Fed is ready for a bond buying binge? More
Aug 13: Investors are punishing techs with a big focus on business spending like Microsoft and Cisco. Meanwhile, Netflix and Apple are thriving. Will consumers keep spending? More
Aug 12: Investors are obviously still nervous. How else to explain the market's reaction to 'bad' news like Cisco's guidance and an expected slowdown in growth in China? More
Aug 11: Conservative investors who rely on Treasurys and CDs for steady income are punished by the Fed's low rates and bond buying. That's why dividend-paying stocks are gaining fans. More
Aug 10: The 'surprising' drop in productivity in the second quarter shouldn't be a surprise. Companies have already cut to the bone and will need to hire again to keep sales and profits up. More
Aug 9: Hewlett-Packard's stock tumbles as investors wonder whether the tech giant is still worth buying now that CEO Mark Hurd has left the company following a scandal. More
Aug 6: The latest recession was not typical. Neither is the recovery. The economy cannot spring back to life until the labor market bounces back. More
Aug 5: All eyes will be on what the Fed says about the economy when it meets on Tuesday. But few think the central bank will make any mention of the possibility of deflation. More
Aug 4: Stocks are rallying again and Wall Street's favorite fear gauge, the VIX, has cooled off. But it would be a mistake to say that investors are no longer jittery. More
Aug 3: Ford's stock has had a nice run in 2009 and 2010. But some think that despite economic risks, the automaker's shares can continue to head higher. More
Aug 2: The euro has bounced back in recent weeks as sovereign debt crisis fears fade. But how long can that rally last and what's it mean if the dollar keeps weakening? More
Jul 30: Sure, the GDP report showed the economy is slowing. But the good news for the long term is that consumers are acting responsibly. Spending is moderate and savings are up. More
Jul 29: The maker of all things 'i' could wind up with a market value that tops that of the oil giant. But what would it mean if Apple becomes the most valuable company in the United States? More
Jul 28: The shockingly bad durable goods orders numbers are mainly due to weak demand for aircraft. But businesses actually are spending on a lot of other stuff, which is a good sign. More
Jul 27: The wireless company's stock is on fire thanks to 4G hype. But investors may be forgetting that much of the subscriber growth is coming from less profitable prepaid customers. More
Jul 26: Stocks are now trading right around where they started 2010. Some experts think this proves that people need to get used to a 'half-speed' economic recovery. More
Jul 16: Shares of the Wall Street powerhouse are surging now that the SEC fraud case is behind it. Too bad that the stock's pricey and fundamentals look shaky. More
Jul 15: The company's had a hiccup with its iPhone 4 "death grip" signal problem. But analysts think the drop in Apple's share price is an overreaction. More
Jul 14: Big businesses say demand for their products is improving. So why are corporations still hanging on to their cash instead of rewarding investors and hiring more workers? More
Jul 13: Yes, the labor market may be a so-called lagging indicator. But unless job growth picks up soon, the improving profit picture won't help the economy all that much. More
Jul 12: Shares of BP continue to surge and some are speculating that the entire company could be taken over by a rival. That's probably not going to happen. More
Jul 9: Shares of the battered oil giant have surged since hitting a 14-year low. But that may not be enough for Tony Hayward to survive as CEO. More
Jul 8: Europe debt fears seem to be fading. The euro's rallied from a 4-year low and bank stress tests may boost confidence. But is the worst really over? More
Jul 7: The online search giant's stock has plunged nearly 30% this year. Even though Google's earnings are still growing sharply, momentum investors seem to favor Apple. More
Jul 6: Is it a double-dip? A slower recovery? The tail end of the last recession? A debt crisis run amok? Nobody knows -- and the debate is likely to lead to more wild swings for stocks. More
Jun 30: The NBA superstar will soon make a killing as a free agent. Many think he'll sign with New York. So how come shares of Knicks' owner MSG have been an investing air ball? More
Jun 29: The economy may not double dip, but it won't bounce back sharply either. Prepare for years of sluggish growth. More
Jun 28: The online retailer's stock has fallen after lowering the price on its e-reader and due to concerns about increased competition from Apple. But investors may be overreacting. More
Jun 25: Investors seem to think that the Wall Street reform bill won't really hurt big banks too badly. That may be a short-sighted view. More
Jun 24: Some investors seem to think that the bleak May housing results are once again a sign of the long-awaited bottom. Even if they're right, a recovery will be sluggish at best. More
Jun 23: Investors await the latest batch of earnings reports in July. Some companies have warned about how Europe could eat into profits but analysts have been slow to cut forecasts. More
Jun 22: Some experts think the United States should follow the lead of Britain and other nations in Europe and take steps to cut the deficit. Others warn it's too soon to worry about debt. More
Jun 21: Investors are thrilled about China's decision to allow its currency to gradually appreciate. But the boost to the U.S. economy will not be felt for some time. More
Jun 18: Canada's dollar is the real safe haven of North America thanks to surging gold prices and a healthier banking system and economy. More
Jun 17: The battered currency has made a bit of a comeback against the dollar lately. But few expect the rebound to last long. More
Jun 16: An index of 13 key airline stocks just hit a new 52-week high. With oil prices rising again and fears about Europe and the global economy still raging, shouldn't there be turbulence? More
Jun 15: The euro crisis has led China, Japan and many other foreign investors to increase their holdings of Treasurys. The flight to quality is likely to last despite debt woes in the U.S. too. More
Jun 14: Brazil's Petrobras could benefit from the turmoil in the Gulf following the BP oil spill. More
Jun 11: Concerns about regulatory reform and the debt crisis in Europe are two big reasons why experts think bank stocks have more room to fall before finally hitting bottom. More
Jun 10: The Europe debt crisis, weak labor market and absence of inflation is likely to keep Ben Bernanke & Co. on the sidelines throughout this year ... and maybe even next. More
Jun 9: The company has lost nearly $25 billion in market value since fraud allegations came out. So wouldn't a settlement of $1 billion or more to end the SEC mess be worth it? More
Jun 8: The yield on the 10-year Treasury is flirting with 3%, a level it hasn't been below since April 2009. Some experts say as long investors remain nervous, rates could fall further. More
Jun 7: The latest jobs report is further proof that the economy may bounce around the bottom for some time. But don't mistake slow growth with a double-dip recession. More
Jun 4: As if the problems in Greece, Spain and Portugal weren't bad enough, investors now are worried about Hungary after an official warns that default is a possibility. More
Jun 3: Toys 'R' Us, Zipcar and Nielsen have all filed to go public within the last week. But with investors still jittery about the global economy, is now the right time? More
Jun 2: There are growing calls for the White House to take over the U.S. assets of BP in order to make sure the oil company pays for the clean up costs. That's not a good idea. More
Jun 1: The euro rebounded after briefly hitting a 4-year low against the dollar. While some think Europe has stabilized, others fear more pain to come - and that's not good for the U.S. More
May 28: It was a brutal month for the markets. But some stocks shined in spite of the big sell-off. Are May's stock survivors still worth buying? More
May 27: Despite a big oil rally Thursday, experts say the problems in Europe and concerns about China slowing its economy will have a bigger (and negative) impact on oil. More
May 25: The Internet giant appears to be stressing content over technology once again. Analysts say that could be the right move but that Yahoo needs to do more to become unique. More
May 24: Sure, stocks have taken a painful hit in May. But several experts think it won't get much worse. The bad news is it might not get much better anytime soon either. More

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