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  • Summary: Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Nintendo DS will feature six-player online multiplayer mode with a new Perks System, as well as a unique two-player Co-Op mode and Arcade and Challenge Modes that allow gamers to replay the single-player missions to earn extra points to unlock additional achievements.
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  1. A surprisingly full-featured handheld shooter with multiplayer options aplenty.
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  1. 10
    I have played through the campaign mode so far and now having a blast playing multiplayer. I really love the zombie mode too. I mean that says it all. Mobilized didn't have zombie mode so that alone is a reason for me to give this game way more props. Zombie's FTW!! Expand
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  2. This game is so very cool and has to be the best fps on the ds! There are so many improvements made to multiplayer and it is so fast to connect. I really like all the host options and perks. The single player mode is challenging and has some awesome looking levels. I can't believe this is a ds game. I think this is a must buy for anyone looking for an action packed handheld game. You will definitely get your money worth from this game. Co-op zombie mode, 6 player multiplayer, an excellent single player campaign, challenge mode, and a leader board system that I hope to improve my standings on very soon. Buy this game! It's a MUST BUY! Expand
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  3. 10
    With each installment, Call of Duty just gets better and better on the DS. Black Ops continues this trend, and in fact goes above and beyond the improvements made in past games. From an all new interface, the addition of perks online and zombie mode every refinement, improvement, and new addition makes Black Ops completely, epicly amazing. Write this game off at your own expense. Expand
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