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WORLD RECORD- Fake Punts, 4th down conversions
- other records and bests
High Hang Time
5.7 sec /47yd (Stamps 2008) : 5.9 sec /52yd (04/02/09)
100% fair catches at stampeders
64 yd TD to Jamal Anderson (Atlanta Falcons)(YouTube)
13 of 14 career 1st downs
True Backup QB
HS, college and semi-pro QB
60 mph/65 yd throwing arm
4.49-4.57 sec. 40 yd dash
nationally ranked 110M high hurdler
4X100M track relay runner

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2010 NFL and CFL tryouts - Punting and Kicking Camps

4/06/09 WFTV Channel 9 Orlando -Sports on 9- Chris Edwards: Working On A Dream 38-year-old punter quarterback/sprinter looks for his place in pro football. NFL CFL UFL AAFL Full Story (YouTube) Preview Story

During the Preview coverage, I tell Joe Kepner "If Michael Jackson can do 50 concerts at 50 years old, then give it your shot". See my tribute dance performance of Michael Jackson's "Unbreakable" and "Dangerous"

As one of two QB's at the Stampeders camp, I passed excellently for two hours. Afterwards, three punts were captured, a 5.0 second, a 4.4 second punt and a monster 5.63 at 50+ yards net with a 1.0 second hand-to-foot.

Click here to see video's of my first punting day in 2010
CLICK HERE for my first punting Video's of 2010' (YouTube)

No pro punter has recorded a 6.0 second hang time punt at any distance, Until Now! The best NFL punter creates about a 30% fair catch ratio. At the CFL Calgary Stampeders tryout in 2008, I punted 15 times with a 100% fair catch ratio (where the hang time exceeded the distance traveled), with a best 5.7 second hangtime punt, all with only 1 1/2 steps (1.05 sec. avg. getoff (hand-to-foot), NFL avg. is about 1.4 sec.)!

Read (Sports Illustrated's) Dr. Z -
Hang 'em High

Click here to see video's of my first passing day of 2010
CLICK HERE for my first passing Video's of 2010' (YouTube)

No pro punter has the additional combination of a Collegiate Quarterback with a 60+ MPH bullet-arm along with being a National Qualifying High Hurdler and 4X100 Meter relay runner (anchor leg).

There has never been a punter in any pro league that is a true Punter, Quarterback and Sprinter to play the punt position. Until Now!
The Triple Threat

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