Online Servers

Would you beleive it? 152 servers showing online!


General Information is now the latest release. Please update. See the Release Notes for more information.


This is the end-user package. It's what lets you play the game.


Mac OS X


Dedicated Server

This lets you host a server without having to have the game running.


Mac OS X



This is the sourcecode to the binaries above, all released under the GNU General Public License.

Windows Libraries

Additional libraries for compiling the Windows version of the game.

Previous Releases

You can find old versions of Armagetron Advanced on the AA SourceForge files page. You can find even older releases of Armagetron on the old SourceForge files page.

Experimental/Beta Builds

In addition to the latest stable release of Armagetron, there are a number of 'bleeding-edge' builds which use the latest version of the Armagetron Advanced source code as of the time they were compiled. They are often unstable, but that is a side effect of using the latest source code. On the plus side it means all the latest features are available as well. These builds are available from the Armagetron Advanced Beta site.

Super bleeding-edge.

Live development code is available on LaunchPad via the BZR version control system. Experienced users only!

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