DOB: 6/23/81
Ht: 6’1″
Wt: 170 lbs (most of it muscle)
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN


  • BodogFIGHT Welterweight World Champion
  • UFC Veteran


  • 22W-2L at welterweight
  • 39W-10L overall

Significant Wins

  • UFC and Pride veteran Mark Weir (TKO)
  • Elite XC veteran Paul Daley (unanimous decision)
  • Former Bodog Welterweight Champion Eddie Alvarez (TKO)
  • UFC veteran Ansar Chalangov (rear naked choke)
  • UFC veteran Chris Wilson (kimura)
  • UFC veteran Keith Wisniewski (unanimous decision)
  • UFC veteran Josh Neer (rear naked choke)
  • UFC veteran Brian Gassaway (unanimous decision)


Nick Thompson was born in Newport News, Va on June 23, 1981 and was raised in Mahtomedi and then Eagan, Mn. He was first introduced to wrestling during his junior year at Eastview High School in Apple Valley and was starting for the varsity squad within the year. By Nick’s senior season, he was ranked among the state’s top ten wrestlers.

Nick continued to wrestle while attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He wrestled for the Badgers for two years before focusing solely on school…and on partying with his frat brothers at Theta Delta Chi. Nick graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 05/05 with a bachelor of arts in philosophy and a bachelor of arts in economics.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison is where Nick was first exposed to mixed martial arts. While a junior at Madison, he went with a date to see one of his friends compete in a local competition. Nick thought he would be good at the sport because of his wrestling experience and began training under Dave Strasser and Ron Faircloth. Within two weeks, he paid $10 at a local bar and had his first first fight. Nick was wrong about his being good at the sport and began his career by losing 3 out of his first 4 fights. Despite not being very good, he continued training and had compiled a solid 17-8 record at middleweight by graduation.

Going to see his friend compete was also of significance because the aforementioned date was one of the first dates between Nick and his future wife. They now reside in Robbinsdale, Mn with their two large dogs (one of who is blind and missing several teeth….he is quite homely really).

After graduating from Madison, Nick returned to Minnesota in order to attend the University of Minnesota’s School of Law. He continued his training at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. The change in teams was also accompanied by a change in weight classes. While attending law school, Nick compiled a 20-1 record at welterweight, earned his first fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championships and became the Bodogfight Welterweight Champion. Nick graduated from the Unviersity of Minnesota’s School of Law in 05/08 with a Jurist Doctorate in Law.

Nick is widely regarded as one of the top welterweights in mixed martial arts and his stock continues to rise with each fight. He is currently fighting for Sengoku in Japan and Elite XC in American and has his sights set on capturing yet another world title. Nick has come a long way from paying $10 to fight in a local bar!


Fighter – Genki Sudo (Honestly, who does a flying heel hook?)
Boxer - Andrzej Golota
Band – Radiohead or Coldplay
Song – Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead)
Movie – Fallen
TV Show – Top Chef
Book – Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)
Video Game – John Madden Football
Food – North Carolina BBQ Sandwich
Drink – Guinness

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