DE 201: Sprouting a Location Independent Minimalist Business

In Digital Empowerment 101 I posted some philosophical ramblings about the importance of having a dream to motivate projects and ventures.

The main thing is to be motivated by passion – ideally a compassion. So there’s the building blocks for a successful world-changing venture.

Today we look at the practical beginnings of such a juicily powered venture: a sprouting project of my own called HandMade Themes.

HandMade Themes, though a seed just planted, is backed up by precisely one dream and three passions.

The dream

To work for myself from anywhere. Yes, this is not a world-changing compassionate dream but It will provide the necessary oomph. No worries, I have other projects that are based on deeper dreams (how many FN projects do I want to be involved in? Stay tuned for more on Veg Coach!).

The passions

  • Visual art
  • WordPress (yes I am passionate about a blogging platform – evidently)
  • Digitally empowering passionate and positive people

Do you have an idea for an online project? What dreams or passions empower it? Are they sustainable (will they provide enough motivation)?

The idea takes form

Yesterday I finally found a suitable description of what I do. I make handmade themes. I’m an artisan, mixing technical and traditional skills to come up with themes that suit particular needs. As soon as I realized what I was, I knew a bunch of stuff including where I was going.

Redirecting momentum

With rediscovery comes repurpose and realignment.

This particular project is a twist on something I’ve been doing for a year, but have recently felt so-so about. Passions and dreams change. To capitalise on them, I’ve chosen to move by business into alignment. In this case, I can. In other cases, it might mean starting fresh.

I recently trashed a gazillion outdated service related pages that held me to the way I used to do things. Doing this was a major step forward. I simplified the info, realigned the voice and condensed it all into one page. It felt like a backwards step, but it’s liberated me to to reinvent my venture according to my epiphany: moving it away from corporate style small business towards passionate and positive microbusinesses (aka – itty bizzes and sometimes minimalist businesses).

Existing projects
Do you have out of date information on your site? Are you just leaving it there until you’ve got something worthwhile to replace it with? Consider deleting it – it might free you from subconscious limitations and spur you into a forward-looking productity.

Have your dreams or passions changed since you started, and if so does this affect your motivation? Can you realign your business to be more inline, or do you need to start afresh?

New projects
Which of your passions and dreams do you imagine will outlive the rest? Which have been burning strong and steady for many years?

Next steps

In the next instalment of the series I’ll look at what I’m doing next- except that I’ll probably be looking backwards by that time. But to give you an idea, things I’m now doing include:

  • Sharing this idea with a few buddies (just started a mastermind group with a few likeminded souls) and my mum
  • Brainstorming the business model
  • Installing WordPress
  • Brainstorming Design

Stay tuned.


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