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 BriteLyt Heating Adaptor BHA Installation

#BHA - BriteLyt Heating Adaptor Installation Process:


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The heater adaptor works best with oil base fuels, such as kerosene, lamp oil, etc..

BTU's will be higher,  distribute more heat, and lower output of carbon monoxide.

REMEMBER.....Always have some type of ventilation, when using these products.

Do not use #BHA, if damaged.  Replace unit as needed.

Video demonstration BriteLyt BHA

BHA and 126-S Heat Shield with screws (below photo)

BriteLyt Complete HPBHA

1. Remove Part #117 (Inner Casing) and #74 - Glass Chimney

BriteLyt Petromax Part 117

2. Place #BHA onto Part #126-S (Heat Shield) see photo below)

3. Try to center hole of #BHA to #3 - Nozzle (see photo below)


4. Bend tabs on #BHA, so each tab is sitting flat onto Heat Shield.


5. Mark holes onto Heat Shield, (for screws). see photos above)

6. Remove plate, drill a little pilot hole, then attach #BHA with screws to Heat Shield 126-S. (see photos below)


7. Simply reinstall, as this is now part #HP-BHA (#126-S w/heater).


HPBHA can be used without Glass

 BriteLyt Heating Adaptor without Glass

HPBHA can be used with wire mesh globe

BriteLyt Heating Adaptor with Wire Mesh Globe

BriteLyt Heating Adaptor without glass Chimney

BriteLyt Heating Adaptor with BriteLyt Wire Mesh Chimney

Below photos  of BHA with mantle.


Photos below  of BHA with out mantle.



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