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November 9th, 2010 by Dave

This will be the last post of the year. We are working flat out to take advantage of the buying season (in a nice way) and then are going to take a break for a week or two to enjoy Christmas together and with the Dogs, my Mum, the EVIL Cat and the chickens may even be spared being eaten too. We did keep two large batches of chickens for eating and the trauma of all the gore and death is not to be repeated any time soon.

Um, yeah, Internet stuff not Murder.

The last post of the year so everyone can knuckle down and get to work.

Of course we can still all chat in the comments section, I still need my daily fix!

I kind of wanted to cover a few thoughts and also how I see the future in terms of making money with websites and blogs. I also want to motivate if I can, so lets’ see what happens:

Small sites are going to be worth nothing. Go big Dudes and Dudesses.

I personally think that this is going to be the case in the future.

I think know that this game is getting a lot harder and I am in no doubt that every month more and more emphasis is given to the large stores and sites that have a lot of age and authority. Every day it seems peeps here, in forums, and elsewhere are seeing their small sited drop out altogether or get overtaken by the usual big boys.

I think I have said in the comments before that I really believe that the exact match domains that we all aim for to get a boost in the serps may well be a thing o f the past in the future. I am sure that as algo’s get better they are not going to give such a boost to such things.

If you think about it then it does make sense. Internet marketing gets more competitive all the time and google wants to give the searcher the best results. There is no way that an affiliate site with 2 pages but an exact match domain is better in position number 1 than Amazon or another big player.

I would at least think about that and adjust your content. But for me big is always better, luckily the Wife does not agree. A  few words on keywords before I continue about the theme of sites size and the future of this very tough business we all struggle with on a (hopefully) daily basis.

Re-Evaluate Your Keywords

With the new auto suggest and the fact that search results show up as you type I have been taking a new look at some keywords. What may show up in a keyword tool as the most popular term or the least popular may not actually reflect what is shown up as you type a query in to Google. I may have targeted one term only to find that the drop down list of what other terms there are are slightly different to what I thought were the most searched for.

Change your post titles, or add in h2 to the content or even write another post.

Focus on short terms for larger earnings.

I used to target a lot of long tail keywords with longtails after the main terms. Now I think going for the terms with the longtail before the main target is the better approach. If people see results as they type then they are going to stop typing. Is this here to stay? Who knows, but it is here now. I am actually finding that a number of search results that I get traffic for are short term queries that stop half way through.

You may have been getting traffic for cheap white socks but now you may even get traffic for cheap white soc, if you were ranking well for the short term. Obviously we can only get backlinks for terms that make sense, but take a look at what you are getting traffic for. Are there less longtails on the end of the main term, or has your traffic simply dropped as you only ranked for the longtail?

It all means that, and I am sure this is both the intention of Google, and the future of search, that everyone needs to take a long hard look at the sites they make and the terms they target. They keyword competition is going to get tougher as a result and there is no doubt that a lot more preference is going to go to the large authority sites that can rank for a smaller target term. The fact is that less and less peeps are going to be typing in those crazy longtails, instead they are going to be clicking on the suggestions in the drop down box as they type in their query, and many are short.

I have begun to adapt and go for the shorter targets and I can honestly say that it brings in more sales and more traffic. Sure, the competition is tougher but it weeds out the serious sites from the small ones. Forget your micro niche sites and go for something large.

The Future Of Internet Marketing

If I were a search engine I would discount any site from the search results that did not have at least ten pages of content plus a contact and privacy post. But really I would be looking for a large site that gets referenced a lot in its target areas.

I would do away with any boost for exact match domains and instead place emphasis on the number of links to the site as a whole and the number of links to each page of content. I would place a lot of emphasis on age and the number of people that visit it from a lot of different sources.

If I could think of a way to give better results that were not based so much on backlinks I would also try to implement that.

Who knows what the future of the serps will look like, for now backlinks are king, but in the future who knows. What I do know is that anyone relying on small sites built around a number of wordpress or html templates that are known to be associated with sniper style marketing is going to get a wake up call if they have not already. I know a number of readers here have literally had over 100 sites go in an instant as they used well known themes and strategies of exact match domain and a page or two of content.

It just ain’t going to cut it very soon.

Build A Very Broad Niche Site

If you are interested in a niche and know that it converts well then why not just build a whopper to encompass it all. Luckily for the most part it is our approach and has been from the start. Rather than making a site based around white socks for men, or even white socks, the site would be based around socks in general.

There is more chance of failing for certain sub-niches and keywords but the possibilities to expand are limitless. Let’s say instead we had gone for 100 sites all around different sock keywords. How many would be duds? A shed load.

But if we fail for all those keywords on a single site what have we got?

A site that has a ton of backlinks to it for all the content and a few real winners when it comes to keywords. Plus we have our own keywords research tool. Our stats. We uncover a ton of great keywords that we got without even knowing that they existed.

Our other option would have been spending a fortune on a ton of domain names. Spending time installing WordPress or whatever and plugins. Getting a theme and a header and then praying that the exact match domain will carry some weight.

Then we have to write the content, get backlinks and see if the keyword converts.

If we instead put it all on one site the results will be just as good long term, and I am in no doubt a hell of a lot better. A super authority site will have been slowly born. One that can eventually be number 1 for socks as well  s any variation we care to thing about. We can have Japanese style socks, pink socks, white socks, best price……………..

And on it goes. If you were a search engine who would you rather put at the number 1 spot?

This is nothing new, lots of people have been saying it for a long time, but I know that many are still not thinking seriously about this. 10 pages on a site is not a big site. That is a days work. It should  be the beginning. Go for a general domain name and build it in to a beastie. Leo talks about building large sites rather than small niche sites. And although I can’t get in to the social side of it he is spot on in terms of thinking big and being the site that everyone knows about, and although he is a lot more involved in the clever stuff than I will ever be it is very good advice. Large sites are simply less likely to fall and will be more recognized as the place to be.

Focus Exclusively On One Site

For the last few months I have been doing a lot of backlinking to a single site. It performs horribly for most of the year but for the months leading up to Christmas it does very well. In fact I made it last October and made $2k before Chrimbo with it. Then in the new year the sales simply went. Luckily I had the buying season knowledge behind me so I knew it would perform this year.

I have spent a lot of days doing 6 hours of backlinks to this one site. And adding a little bit of content too. Sure, it is still getting the Google dance now and then for some pages. It was ranking number two for a super popular item yesterday and now I am gone baby, but I will be back in a few days. Never worry about these things just get on with the work. Backlinks wins in the long run, you may just have to wait it out is all. And keep your ear to the ground for new items in your niche. We have been doing some experimenting and if you can get a keyword rich post up before an item is even released you get a very long term boost in terms of ranking. The early bird and all that.

The beauty of working almost exclusively on a single site is that you get in to the zone. Your writing becomes more fluid and you can blast out Build My Rank articles in a few minutes each.  If you have not signed up yet then get on the waiting list, it is worth its weight in gold. I would not be surprised if they jack the price right up too, it is the best network out there bar none. Jumping all over the place like a demented Puppy on Meth is the worst way to get your earnings ups. But concentrate on one site and go for it and you will make a lot more money without the hassle factor.

The beauty of these large general niches sites is that it does not matter if one small niche within it does not work. You will have done all those backlinks to build up the site authority and when you skip to the next item or topic then you have a boost right away. You keep going until you see what converts.

It is the future and I hope you are ready for building sites like this.

Hone In On Pages That Earn

When you work on a largish site like I have been doing the beauty of it all is that you uncover some items or keywords that earn like a dream. You may have written a shed load of content and done backlinks for stuff that does not work or convert but it is not wasted work.

You are then making it easier to rank for the items that do convert.

And when you find the one that works and converts then you go to town, on the content, not to buy shoes.

You can look at the related terms in Google search, use the wonder wheel, and don’t forget to type the product in to Amazon if they have it. As you type you will see the drop down box of what related terms people also searched for.

You can then add all those lovely juicy keywords to your content.

You can change the post title if one keyword performs better than another.

And then you backlink all of those terms, focusing mostly on the main term. There is absolutely no reason why you could not spend a week, heck a year, backlinking and honing a couple of posts and work on no other content. What would you rather do, try to keep on top of updating 100 domains or having a single site or two or three to work on and build in to a beast?

For me it is a no brainer. But I also know that most people are still focused on having a gazillion sites all in different niches. Fair enough you have to find a good niche but once you do then don’t go looking for anything else. Get in the zone and build it in to something amazing.

Focus on it and work on the pages that do the best. Tweak, test the layout, and never stop.

I am now in no doubt that working hard on a few pieces of content  is the way to make a more long term income and one that is less likely to disappear with the latest algo update. If you are basing your earnings on the keywords in your domain name then I think that at some point you are in for a wake up call.

Who knows when but I think it will happen.

It is simply getting out of hand. For my main niche for Christmas I see day after day new sites popping up with crazy longtail domain names just to get in on some sales short term for Christmas. They are on page 1 for a week or so then drop back as I overtake them. Search engines are going to get wise to this and it is going to happen at some point.

I certainly wouldn’t want to base my online income on the name of the domain. I would want to base it on having a few large sites where every single article on it gets at least 10 links and then I focus on the best earners. You may find that you send hundreds of links to a single article, but if that is what it takes then do it. Me and the Wife have literally worked 8 hours a day for weeks on single pieces of content. This is what it takes, not a couple of links and then you move on because it makes no money.

Since we took that attitude the reality of how much you can really earn becomes apparent. Sending 400 or even more article directory backlinks to a single page should be the start of your work, not the end. I really want you to think about that, proper work for your content means an awful lot of money. I can’t spend what we earn and I can’t tell you how good that feels after so many years with no money.But it takes real work and real commitment, not messing about with a backlink here and there, it just simply will not cut it.

Most people simply do not have this kind of staying power and simply give up. Those that realize that the work pays off and are willing to put in the hours and the effort and do what it takes to rank number 1 are those that will make good money online.

We have a ton of fun here in the comments and I hope it stays that way.

But I do feel sad that I know that some people reading my make money with blogs effort  will not be here in a few months. They will simply give up and go back to working for the Man. Urghh. Anyone can make decent money online, it is just about being realistic.

If you have spent months working on a site and it simply does not make sales or rank then move on for a bit. Age works wonders for the ease of ranking, work on something different. But don’t give up because it is hard to rank. Give up if you get traffic and it does not convert.

I have tons of sites I spent an age on and they get a few hundred peeps a day to them and never make  a sale. Lesson learned. It is the game we are in. But any site that makes money I work on properly. Not an odd backlink, but real work. You just keep backlinking until you are number 1. And then you still keep doing it.

If you do that for a nice large site you will make money. If the site makes a few dollars a day it is all just about scaling up the operation.

Don’t be one of the people who no longer comes here to chat as it is too hard. Yes it is difficult but now is the time to get in on a niche and build it in to a large earner in a years time. In five years if you do not already have a decent site it is going to be impossible to get going in this game, I am sure of it. The big boys already rule, think what will happen in five years, make sure that you are one of them. Things are so different online to just the 2 years ago when I came here to try to feed me and the Wife and not have here leave me for months to work in the UK. It is almost impossible to find a niche that is not being chased by the hordes. It will get harder every year if you do not get your foot in the proverbial door now and build the foundation for a future online.

If you have read this then why not leave a comment with your thoughts. I do often wonder where everyone comes from who reads this site, it has not been what I expected at all. And it would be great to hear fro you if you have not commented before.

Let’s have a chat until the new year and then I will be back with a killer post about some old rubbish that really could be summed up with:

“Write keyword rich post titles and content and backlink it until you are number 1″

All the rest is just filler.

This forum post sums it up perfectly. This is not rocket science. Don’t over think it. JUST DO IT.

ta ta for now.

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