Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport ©AMNL The Franco-British paper-making company ArjoWiggins has a plant in the Vosges  ©ArjoWiggins All the big names in logistics are concentrated in Lorraine: Ikea is present in Moselle ©Ikea Beer in Lorraine: two thousand years of tradition and know-how (here Mouzay beer from Meuse) ©A Naderi Unique in France, Lorraine has integrated its timber industry in a global cluster encompassing four fibre sectors: timber, paper-cardboard, textiles and composites ©Enstib The paper and cardboard companies in Lorraine include some big names, such as Clairefontaine, based in the Vosges ©Clairefontaine NJP: with its specialised and often visionary programming, the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival is a musical event that resonates beyond Meurthe-et-Moselle and much further afield than Lorraine ©Sadia, fotolia The Vauban Citadel in Montmédy (Meuse, Lorraine) is on the border with Luxembourg and Belgium. Its ramparts were modified by Vauban in the XVIIth century ©CDT Meuse Saint-Étienne Cathedral in Metz (Moselle, Lorraine), nicknamed 'God's Lantern', has the biggest window surface in France, almost 6,500 m2 ©Christian Legay The World Peace Centre is housed in the superb Episcopal palace in Verdun (Meuse, Lorraine) ©Michel Petit Arkema has set up its Research and Development Centre for the East of France (the CRDE) in Carling (Moselle, France) ©Arkema France Bitche Citadel, designed by Vauban, a brilliant XVIIth century military engineer ©Jean-Claude Kanny Bonduelle, but also Bel, Lactais, Maximo, RicheMonts, Charal, Nestlé Waters, Coca-Cola, Geyer Frères: international leaders in the agri-food business all have operations in Lorraine ©Brek Ristoranti, Fotolia Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport ©AMNL The Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc Basilica in Domrémy-la-Pucelle in Meuse (Lorraine) is the French national monument to Joan of Arc ©Michel Petit Redcurrant jam from Bar-le-Duc (Meuse, Lorraine) is unique in the world: the pips are removed by hand from every currant using a goose feather ©Michel Petit Charal, but also RicheMonts, Bonduelle, Bel, Lactais, Maximo, Nestlé Waters, Coca-Cola, Geyer Frères: international leaders in the agri-food business all have operations in Lorraine ©Charal Marc Chagall scattered masterful works around Lorraine: a stained glass window and the Peace tapestry in Sarrebourg and stained glass windows in Metz Cathedral (Moselle) ©Jean-Claude Kanny The Smart Fortwo will also be produced at the Hambach factory (Moselle, Lorraine) ©Smart 'Le Haut des Ailes' produces 84 million KwH (Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine) ©Le Haut des Ailes

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16 European capitals within 1,000 km of the Lorraine Region

La Lorraine au coeur de l'Europe occidentale


On this site you will find an overview of the multiple facets of Lorraine and the skills it has to offer in the fields of industry, services, sustainable development... full article

In the press

INPI Lorraine Trophies 2010: PAT, RENZ, TODA and LIBio win awards

INPI Trophies for innovation in Lorraine have been awarded to 3 companies and a research unit: - a start-up, PAT (Plant Advanced Technologies) for its non-destructive process of producing... full article

Arkema invests 30 million Euros to develop its acrylic operations in Carling

The new investment programme launched by Arkema at its petrochemical platform in Carling (Moselle) will strengthen the Lorraine site's position as one of the world's leading producers of acrylic. ... full article

CashDev: already an international clientele for this young Lorraine-based ATM manufacturer

Created just under two years ago in Vagney (Vosges,  Lorraine), CashDev is a fast-expanding company specialising in software and hardware solutions for monetics. CashDev designs, produces and... full article

Lorraine: 3rd most attractive region for salaries in the logistics sector

Lorraine is the joint third most attractive region for salaries in logistics, with Ile-de-France. This is the conclusion of the latest survey carried out by the Randstad group. These attractive... full article

Cimulec, a piece of Lorraine in space

Cimulec, a firm based in Ennery (Moselle, Lorraine), has signed a large contract with Thales Alenia Space, for the production of printed circuits for American telecommunications satellites. These... full article

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