Giant Flog

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    Rock and chain

From the Expanded Universe

Few Rattatak gladiators enjoy careers that span weeks, let alone years, but the simple brute known only as Giant Flog survived the bloody circuit for nearly two standard years. Little is known about the giant's origins, save that a shadowy benefactor named Kesivo was his owner. Unlike other patrons, Kesivo was not prone to bragging; he was tight-lipped, his only conversations to discuss payment, wagering and other transactions.

This caginess led to countless rumors among the other patrons, and such unbridled speculation only fed Giant Flog's reputation. Wild tales included stories of Flog being a demon summoned by occult means, while others said Flog was patched together from the parts of dead gladiators. In truth, Kesivo purchased Flog during a fruitful trading mission to the Moddell sector, though mystery veils any other details.

Though sentient, Giant Flog had little command of any language. His coarse voicebox could manage few words in Basic -- including his crude name -- and he obeyed only Kesivo. His preferred weapon was a craggy hunk of stone attached to a chain that he wielded like a primitive mace.

What more there was to know about Giant Flog was taken to two separate graves on one fateful day. The day Asajj Ventress chose to enter the gladiator pit to prove herself a worthy disciple of Count Dooku, Giant Flog was the warrior that stood to the last to face her. Her paired lightsaber strike felled the titan, and also severed the chain holding his mace. The liberated chunk of stone soared through the air, and crashed into the viewing box holding Kesivo. Giant Flog's benefactor was crushed to death before having to witness the demise of his most profitable warrior.

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