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Pub spies blast from UKIP

Wednesday, 20th October 2010

Eastern Counties UKIP MEP David Campbell Bannerman has blasted the entirely inappropriate actions of the Norwich City Council when it used covert operations to spy on a pub.

"The Council say that they only use the Anti-Terrorist legislation, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act when 'absolutely necessary'. What utter hokum", he said.

"If they really want to chase down a pub for allowing smoking. they can do so, just by walking in and catching somebody smoking. To use covert operations like this makes a mockery of process."

"It is apparent that Council chiefs have been too busy watching Spooks and not listening to the population of Norwich. I am prepared to bet that the council official on cloak and dagger missions bought a couple of beers 'on expenses' just so that he didn't create suspicion.

“Not only have they used these powers to snoop on pub goers, they have even hired private detectives to trace people with overdue library books.

“This is council tax payers money that could be used to fix more potholes in the roads.

“I will be writing to the Chief Executive of Norwich City Council requesting an urgent meeting to discover who authorised this waste of time and resources and to find out how much it cost.

“There must be limits on the power of local authorities, and this action goes way beyond those", said Mr Campbell Bannerman.

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