Young Guns Tour Diary: Part 8

A sick Young Guns frontman Gustav Wood reports from the road...

Day 8 - Birmingham
Man, I do not feel good today.

We make the journey to Birmingham in silence, me sitting in the back corner with a million layers on and still freezing, and the other guys nursing their hang overs. As the journey progresses, the guys begin to wake up and feel more alive, but despite getting a super early night I still feel like I'm getting worse.

The decision is made to cancel some interviews that I was supposed to do, along with an acoustic performance for Kerrang! Radio, which I'm particularly disappointed about seeing as I enjoy those so much. The logic is, the less I use my voice, the more it will hold out. At the moment I sound like Barry White so god knows how it can actually get any worse anyway, I think to myself.

We drop off some of the guys to do an interview at K! Radio instead, and I go to an NHS walk-in centre in Birmingham to see if I can get a professional opinion on what's going on. It's strange because although I feel unwell, I've felt worse and played before. It's more that my voice is just shredded. My speaking voice is a low croak and singing voice is pretty much non-existent.

After the exam I'm told that the only things that can help me are using my voice, and lots of rest. Great... the only two things physically impossible for a touring vocalist. I leave with all kinds of new things to try out, soluble Aspirin to gargle, Vix to steam myself with, more echnicea, and more. None of these really work (I know 'cos I've used them before) but they might help, even just a little.

I get back to the venue and we jump into a taxi to get to the signing, arriving 30 minutes late in standard Young Guns style. The signing is wicked, it's amazing to see so many people here to hang, and the hour flies by as we sign things and chat away, with me doing mostly sign language.

Soon enough, we have to head back to the venue, and are delighted to finally see The Swellers guys! We catch up briefly but I have to rest so I lie in our dressing room swallowing honey by the bucket load, and very gently warming up.

My voice is screwed. I can't even get past the first exercise on my warm up CD. My heart sinks as the extent of the problem dawns on me. I actually can't sing (quiet, you). This is a crushing realisation. It's one (I'd imagine) most singers have at one point or another, but knowing you're going to fail before you even do something is a really hard thing to deal with.

We trim a few songs from the set, and I prepare myself for the difficult show ahead.
The only way to deal with these kinds of things is to put a different spin on it, so we play the set with the others singing as much of the lead lines as possible, and I ask the crowd to help out too. This actually ends up creating an awesome atmosphere, and Birmingham sings the roof off of the HMV Institute.

Against all my expectations, the show fucking rules, and it's entirely down to the audience in the room tonight. I apologise, and the crowd seems to be cool with it. It's kinda hard not to feel like I'm letting my band mates, and the people that have paid money to see the show, down, but it is what it is, and sometimes shit just happens. We make the decision to reschedule the next two shows so I can try to get some vocal rest, before heading out to the merch as per usual to say hi and thanks to those still hanging around.


Posted by Dan at 06:02PM | November 25, 2010

I hope Gus gets well, and knows he hasn't let his fans down, im sure everyone understand, infact i know everyone does, its way more important that your well.

Posted by Amy | November 25, 2010 6:30 PM | Reply to this

I really hope Gus gets better soon! I was supposed to see you guys in York tomorrow but rescheduling is going to be so so worth it! :D

I'm really excited, it'll be ace seeing them on top form, and so close to Christmas, so like a early present. ;)

Lots of love for these guys, it's amazing how much they care for their fans! :D

Posted by Shannon | November 25, 2010 9:11 PM | Reply to this

Completely agree with everything Shannon said =) and can I just say, these tour blogs are lovely! Keep it up, Gus x

Posted by Leanne Sturrock | November 26, 2010 8:20 AM | Reply to this

AWW get well soon Gus <33 any doctor who get's to examine Gus are very lucky :-P hahaha I LOVE YOUNG GUNS <333 x

Posted by Halima | November 26, 2010 1:09 PM | Reply to this
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