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Free 'Emacs Power' buttons

Date/Time Permalink: 10/18/06 02:02:52 am
Category: Site News

So, anyway, I made some buttons:

Emacs button 1
powered by Emacs

Emacs button 2
powered by GNU Emacs

Emacs button 3
created in GNU Emacs

Emacs button 4
designed in GNU Emacs "Free Software for Free People"

Emacs button 5
powered by GNU Emacs

Emacs button 6
created with Emacs

You can resize them to fit, paste them into a white background, etc. All images in this post by me and licensed restriction-free to the public for any usage at all.

Note to Internet Explorer users: the funny blue box you see around the transparent parts of the images will go away when you upgrade to IE 7.0! Welcome to the 21st century.

After refining my searching, I did find some Emacs web page buttons on Google image search. Oh well, here's some fresh designs.

Still wondering what the Emacs mascot should be.

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