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For those of you who need to catch up

For those of you who need to catch up, you have major Rhett sightings, comments, and/or and interviews in the new CMJ, No Depression, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and Maxim magazines. Did I miss any?

Also, you might recall that the 97′s Murry Hammond tied the not this past spring with Grey DeLisle, who I’ve come to discover is as nice as she is talented and beautiful. That is to say: very. Well, one nugget on the wedding I’d heard but not mentioned – until reminded by a comment on Wrecked – is that The Learning Channel actually taped their wedding, portions of which will air on TLC’s A Wedding Story, this October 3, and again on December 10. It’s like getting an invite yourself, so check it out. The setlist is however, TBA ;-)

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