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Dec 02 2008

If This Isn’t Terrorism, What Is?

Posted by smoothstone

Via WSJ Europe:

In Mumbai the terrorists used BlackBerrys to stay in touch with each other during their three-and-half-day rampage, outwitting the authorities by monitoring international reaction to the attacks on British, Urdu and Arabic Web sites. This was no hostage standoff. The terrorists didn’t want to negotiate. They wanted to murder as many Hindus, Christians, Jews, atheists and other “infidels” as they could, and in as spectacular a manner as possible. In the Jewish center, some of the female victims even appear to have been tortured before being killed.

So why are so many prominent Western media reluctant to call the perpetrators terrorists? The terrorists in Mumbai didn’t need to make any public announcements. They knew that many deluded Western journalists and academics will do that job for them, explaining that the West is to blame, especially the Zionists.

I’ll ask the same question: why are so many prominent Western media reluctant to call Muslims terrorists? Because the MSM is cowardly, that’s why. And if the MSM won’t grow a spine and call Islam what it is, then bloggers will. So if you’re visiting this site for the first time, Islam, at its core is lethally militaristic and institutionalizes homicide, and there’s 1,400 years of empirical evidence to prove it.

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