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This page is edited CVS usage data in a community and reviewed ways to save.

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Sources and binaries can be downloaded from thenon-gnu/cvs directory from the GNU FTP Mirror] or if you prefer to go directly to the / CVS] FTP site. If you like in a binary , which contribute not available for download from the GNU FTP mirror, we ask you to mailto: bug-cvs @ nongnu. org for the reflection!

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Visit a wikied version of the developer's version of the Cederqvist (CVS Manual): [. [CVS - buy ultram Concurrent Versions System v1.12.12.1]] I'll try to make changes to this source in the manual distribution of hand together. Over time I hope arredo ufficio gebelik that this two-way interface to the wiki through the conversion to handle texinfo source and make the wiki ultime notizie source double as a source for distributed automate manual. I already have futures trading the texinfo -> Media Wiki converter. It should be distributed with the next version of .

I have also imported the CVS FAQ in this wiki.

It is, but if you have something useful on your laptop that is not in this Wiki and you have time, import into this wiki in order to up-to-date are held.

Some other points:

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I've added a page for design proposals The wiki format is a little more likely to draft a readable than the non-linear error and patch tracker. mcse "* Übersetzungsbüro

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Derek Price, CVS developer and technical editor of Essential CVS (Essentials line from O'Reilly Press) , and others offer consulting services and training through Ximbiot.