Burning of the Feet, of the Balls of the Feet, the Toes and the Morton’s Toe

Some of the most common foot problems caused by Morton’s Toe, Long Second Toe,  are burning, aching and throbbing on the balls of the feet. These take place because with a Morton’s Toe, abnormal stress is applied to the ball of the foot. When this happens, the second through fifth metatarsal bones push down in an unusual manner against the ground. The result is injury to skin, nerves, muscles, and bursas at the ball of the foot. This is why the ball of the foot can burn, ache, hurt and throb. You can have these pains with or without a callus being present.


It is not usual for these burning discomforts to start on the balls of the feet and then spread into the toes or up the legs. Many patients have these leg problems, and it disturbs their sleep. Dr. Morton said these “spasms” at night would occur if great enough strain was put upon the leg muscles caused by a Morton’s Toe, or the Long Second Toe.


As with many other problems caused by Morton’s Toe, Long Second Toe, Flat Feet, burning, aches, and pains on the ball of the foot can be treated with a simple little Toe Pad that can realign the whole front part of the foot and allow it to work properly.

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