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UK Records

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Heavy storms uproot a tree into a river.
The Met Office has been keeping records of the UK weather since it formed under Captain Robert FitzRoy in 1854.

Key Points
  • The highest temperature recorded in the UK is 38.5°C.
  • The lowest temperature recorded in the UK is -27.2°C.
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Met Office

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The Met Office originally formed to provide meteorological and sea current information to mariners.

2003 saw a new record set for the highest temperature recorded in the UK.

The current records from the Met Office of extreme weather in the UK are:

Observation Location Date
Highest 38.5°C Brogdale, near Faversham, Kent 10 August 2003
Lowest -27.2°C Braemar, Grampian 10 January 1982 / 11 February 1895
  -27.2°C Altnaharra, Highland 30 December 1995
Highest 24 hour total 279mm Martinstown, near Dorchester, Dorset 18 July 1955
Highest 5 min total 32mm Preston, Lancashire (approx) 10 August 1893
Highest monthly total 384 hours Eastbourne / Hastings, Sussex July 1911
Lowest monthly total 0 hours Westminster, London December 1890
Highest gust (low level) 141.6mph Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire 20 March 1986

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