The latest version of the Stack Exchange Creative Commons Data Dump is now available. This reflects all public data in …

  • Stack Overflow
  • Server Fault
  • Super User
  • Stack Apps
  • all public non-beta Stack Exchange Sites
  • all corresponding meta sites

… up to Nov 2010.

Download from ClearBits

This month’s Stack Exchange data dump, as always, is hosted at ClearBits! You can subscribe via RSS to be notified every time a new dump is available.

Please read, this is not the usual yadda yadda! We changed the format of the data dump to include more requested fields, full revision history, and many other pending meta requests tagged [data-dump]. That’s why the dump is so much larger, but we did break it out in individual files per site within the torrent, so you can download just the files you need.

If you’d prefer not to download the torrent and would rather play with this month’s data dump in your web browser right now, check out our open source Stack Exchange Data Explorer. Please note that it may take a day or two for the SEDE to be updated with the latest monthly data dump.

Have fun remixing and reusing; all we ask is for proper attribution.

  1. Gordon says:

    The size of the stackoverflow dump is reminiscent of a certain article about elephants.

  2. Jim says:

    So glad we can just download what we need.

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