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Stories have a magic to them—don't you think?

"Magic?" you may be asking . . .

Well, I think so.

I mean, think about it . . . and ponder the idea for a moment before you answer.  Stories can make their readers happy, tearful, surprised, or excited . . . they can make us angry or fearful . . . they can even make us reminiscent, curious, smart . . .  they can teach us and make us see the errors in our ways; they can put us in someone else's shoes . . .  So, yes, magical, I'd say—and powerful, too.

Sharing the magic . . .

However, no story can have any magic or power or impact if it is not shared. To share a story, it must be published—the words must be passed on through a visual medium or a vocal exchange—or, by written words.  What about the writer in you?  Don't you have stories to publish?  Yes?  No?  Maybe . . . If you can't decide, think of the life you've had and the value its stories will have in the future if you don't publish them . . . now, think of their value if you do publish them—

Think of the readers you can affect.

Sharing your energy, your passion . . .

The gay community—and, by the way, when we say  gay,  we are using the word's older generic form of inclusion, to mean all levels and variations of queerness: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT / LGBT) persons, as well as intersex and transitional and questioning individuals—has so, so many stories to share. Why?  Because, as a rule, we are more passionate, more open-minded, more energetic, more creative, more understanding—and more persecuted than the average community of people.

Sharing yourself . . .

Don't let your experiences, your feelings, your thoughts, your dreams vanish. Share those stories. Publish them for all the world to see. And, let us help you. You'll read elsewhere on this site (and others) that I've been an editor for more years than even I can believe!  Over the course of those years, I truly wish I had kept count of the number of stories I've helped writers massage only for them to be shelved for one reason or another—financial difficulties, timing issues, family situation, and sudden cowardice, to name a few.  But, the absolute worst reason, in my opinion, has been because the author couldn't find an agent or an editor at a publishing house who would take the time to look at their  "gay"  story.

That's why I'm—we're—glad you're here.

With your help and support, we plan to become one of the best gay publishers on the Internet. To reach that end, The Gay Publishing Company has two fundamental goals:

  1. to work with authors, gay and gay-friendly, to publish all the gay literature
    that needs to be published and
  2. to unite that gay literature (especially the gay short stories, GLBT / LGBT fiction,
    and lesbian literature we'll be focusing on for now) with readers of all types of
    gay books and gay-themed material.

So, let's quickly explore more specifically what benefits we offer you,
as  readers  and  writers . . .








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We need illustrations for covers, for promotions, and to add life to our published pages!  And, when we start doing graphic novels . . . well, that will be exciting!

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