Scenario building and video mock-ups are some of the design methods used in the MobilED initiative. With the video scenarios we can easily communicate our early ideas for a larger group of stakeholders and get valuable feedback before moving to develop the actual technology.

Here is the first set of video mock-ups made in Autumn 2005. The current version of the MobilED server supports all the functionality presented in these scenario videos.

Audio Encyclopaedia in informal learning (MP4, 9.1M)

How Audio Encyclopaedia works (MP4, 11M)

Zakhele – Viktor Zimu
Zakhele’s brother – Oshima Tiholoe
Diner at Monica’s place – Goodwill Skhosana
Woman dropping phone – Lucy
Filmed in Mamelodi township, South Africa

Audio Encyclopaedia in the classroom (MP4, 3.3M)

Teacher – Mr. Se
Pupils – Irene middle school 7th grade
Filmed at Irene middle school, Irene, South Africa

Smart phones in project learning (MP4 6.4M)

Project group – Lebi More, Missy Maguire, Jules Dos Santos, Dillan van Niekerk
Teacher – Ms. K Kapper
Man being interviewed – Mr. E Bielfeld
Pupils – Cornwall Hill College 8th grade students
Filmed at Cornwall Hill College, Irene, South Africa
Street memory was inspired by original concept created by Maarit Fabritius

Production team

Linus Roune – Director, Script, Graphic design
Teemu Leinonen – Producer, Script
Richard Lapington – Audio designer, voice over
Zeenath Hasan – Copywriter, voice over
Lincoln Kayiwa- Zakhele voice over
Markus CastrĂ©n – DVD production
Merryl Ford – Co-Producer