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This novel program is designed to take our educational material to the country side.  We shall formulate a road plan to sponsor and organize mobile seminars and workshops in all localities in Arizona.  These localities will be based on school districts,  The goal of this project is to reach as many teachers and administrators as possible to promote the latest paradigm of New Era Children’s fund. 

This enterprise is produced and facilitated by the National Teacher Training Institute(NTTI).

Among the many subjects we shall discuss are the new and old paradigms of mankind.

There are different Levels of Social Change. We are currently experiencing Social Change of the Fourth Kind. And this level of social change always marks a major paradigm shift. NTTI & NECF advocate this New Paradigm based upon our state-of-the-art understanding of human nature, human capacities, and our modes of psycho social interaction. The Paradigm utilizes modern science AND the wisdom of ancient peoples whose knowledge was successfully applied for thousands of years before the first great paradigm shift. It draws upon the library of human knowledge in all fields, and that is perhaps a good place for us to start a brief outline of the dimensions of the present paradigm shift. This list is only suggestive of the extent of current trends.

  • Old Paradigm - Said only the Scientific Model can explain the world.
  • New Paradigm - Says the world is more complex than the limitations of Science can accommodate.
  • Old Paradigm - Said any technology that can be developed, should be.
  • New Paradigm - Says no technology should be developed that threatens the welfare of the seventh generation.
  • Old Paradigm - Said the sum total of the knowledge of specialized experts is wisdom.
  • New Paradigm - Says knowledge is measurable content; wisdom is sustainable application.
  • Old Paradigm - Said people can be treated in dehumanizing ways indefinitely.
  • New Paradigm - Says the oppressed are the nemesis of the oppressor.
  • Old Paradigm - Said we come from our parents.
  • New Paradigm - Says we come from the Realm of Infinite Possibility through our parents.
  • Old Paradigm - Said, thought is localized in the brain.
  • New Paradigm - Says, the entire body is a thinking organism.
  • Old Paradigm - Focused on Cross-cultural Relations.
  • New Paradigm - Focuses on Intercultural and Intracultural Relations.
  • Old Paradigm - Promoted Assimilation.
  • New Paradigm - Promoted Unification.
  • Old Paradigm - Said, people of different races, cultures, and nations are essentially different.
  • New Paradigm - Promotes the Principle of Interrelatedness or Shared Essence; We are all stardust and breath.
  • Old Paradigm - Said, Cultural Diversity Training will improve Race Relations (it only increased racial awareness).
  • New Paradigm - Says, understanding the dynamics of the Cultural Diversification Process will increase social interactions.
  • Old Paradigm - Focused on Cultural Differences.
  • New Paradigm - Focuses on the Unity and Commonality of Humankind (Species hood)
  • Old Paradigm - Said, treat everyone the same.
  • New Paradigm - Says, treat every one as a unique individual.
  • Old Paradigm - Said, human cultures are distinct and different.
  • New Paradigm - Says, all cultures are doing the same thing.
  • Old Paradigm - Promotes Competition and Zero Sum Thinking.
  • New Paradigm - Promotes the Principle of Interconnectedness or Common Purpose (Global Survival); System Thinking.
  • Old Paradigm - Served as the Context for Domination and Exploitation.
  • New Paradigm - Defines the Process for the Principle of Interdependence or Mutual Need to emerge.

Please contact us for more details, proposed venues, costs of participation, sponsorships etc.


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