David Tseng mountain biking
David Tseng, a
completely-blind former student
navigates mountain biking
through the use of
FlashSonar. David has gone on to
graduate from UC-Berkeley
with degrees in Applied
Mathematics and Computer Science
and is now a
software engineer at Google.

Mission Statement: World Access for the Blind is a Non-Profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the self-directed achievement of blind people.

We are a team of dedicated staff who lead by example – as we are blind ourselves! We travel the world teaching FlashSonar (echolocation), mobility, and life skills to other blind youth and adults. World Access for the Blind is known for our No Limits attitude, as we do not settle for the minimum requirements of functioning, but instead reach for the limits beyond our limits. Our goal for our students is that they understand that they have the ability to direct their own lives rich with quality, promise, and as much excitement and intrigue as they could wish for. We even have a group of completely-blind mountain bikers!

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Daniel Kish leading blind hikers Jake Olson walking with Brian
Daniel Kish, President of World Access for the Blind, leads a group of blind hikers. Recreational activities such as hiking are a valuable way for the blind to build confidence, improve their navigation skills, and fully participate in society. Our Lead Mobility Coach Brian Bushway works with 12-year-old student Jake Olson to help him navigate his neighborhood and to adjust to recently losing his vision. Jake is a strong and inspiring young man who was featured on ESPN