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Born in the Naboo city of Parrlay to a middle-class merchant family, Teckla Minnau and her half-sister Nandi enjoyed a strong friendship throughout their carefree childhood. Sent to a private school in Theed, the girls took lessons in etiquette, hospitality, history, and the arts, and stayed at the household of their older brother Rehtul, a law clerk in the capital. In the first hours after the Trade Federation attacked, as the city raged with chaotic street battles, Teckla and Nandi fled to the swamps with elements of the Royal Security Force. Separated in the fray, Teckla avoided Federation bombs and STAP patrols for days until finding shelter in a marsh village, where she stayed for the rest of the conflict.

Reunited at the victory celebration, the sisters finished their schooling and ended the decade following the war as servants in the employ of Senator Amidala. While the Senator cast votes on Coruscant, the two remained on Naboo to manage Varykino, Amidala's family estate in the Lake Country. It was here that Teckla waited on Padmé and her Jedi companion, Anakin Skywalker, before the Clone Wars, topping off their romantic dinner with sliced shuura fruit she had hand-picked earlier in the day. Soon afterwards, as galactic war erupted for the first time in centuries, Teckla was split from Nandi again, recalled to Galactic City's Naboo Embassy to join Amidala's staff. One of the few souls Padmé entrusted with the secret of her pregnancy, Teckla helped the Senator conceal her expanding belly and acted as a nurse and caretaker for the mother-to-be.

Upon Amidala's untimely death and the rise of the New Order, Teckla returned to her homeworld to live out the rest of her life, marrying an aspiring writer and eventually becoming a trusted handmaiden under Queen Kylantha.

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